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Shannon: David Has Been Making a Huge Effort

Shannon explains that both her and David are commited to repairing their marriage.

By Shannon Storms Beador

What an episode. Such joy and such sorrow all at the same time. I am so devastated for Vicki that she has to go home to attend her mother's funeral and so excited that Tamra will be experiencing the birth of her first granddaughter.

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It was so nice to see Tamra go to Vicki's house before her flight to Chicago at the crack of dawn. They have such a history and it shows that no matter what, they will always have a bond. It is a shame that Brooks wasn't able to go back to Chicago and support Vicki. 

My daughters call Vicki "Aunt Vicki", and Stella especially has a unique relationship with her. The girls of course heard everything that had happened when Vicki was at the bunco party and Stella took my phone and wrote Vicki the sweetest, heartfelt text the next day. 

(Missed any of this week's show? Watch the full episode here.)

David has been making a huge effort to show his commitment to our family and we have been attending church weekly. Our church offered a Father Factor workshop and we went together for the first night. It is very frustrating to me that you are seeing every single negative moment I am having with David, but they all did happen and it is important to the both of us that the truth is shown. Wish there was more of a focus on the happy times because we have definitely had many at this point, but I know you will seeing them soon!

Shannon and David Try to Rebuild the Trust in Their Relationship

I was upset that David brought up the fact that we had an argument. The kids have been through enough emotional turmoil. I am absolutely just as guilty of it at times, however. We are doing the best we can on our path to repairing our marriage. I was upset because I had learned the previous day that David and his affair frequented certain lunch spots where I know some people that work there and some of the clientele that go there. For those people that say I need to buck up and be stronger, they don't understand that each time I receive a new piece of information that I was deceived, it is like a new knife in my heart. It is both painful to take in and humiliating at the same time. For this reason, and also at the suggestion of Tina our couples retreat counselor, I asked David to give me a list of all the restaurants they went to. That way, there would be no more surprises, no more secrets. Of course, it wasn't a pleasant day to receive that list. But now I have moved passed it and no longer have to wonder where they used to meet.

I am concerned about Vicki and her health. No person can keep pushing as hard as she does with all of the emotional stress, work, and lack of sleep. As usual, I have some natural remedies for her to try so she can feel better and keep her immune system up. I went to Vicki's house because I was concerned for my friend.  I didn't go there to joke around and it looks like I am making light of what happened with my "median versus medium" comments. There was never any intent to disrespect Vicki's pain or feelings.

Vicki, It's Medium Not Median

Next week is a good episode for me (FINALLY!) and I can't wait! I am going back to NYC for Watch What Happens Live on July 20th! Please follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @ShannonBeador.

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