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Was Gwen Stefani the Original OC 'Wife?

We have photographic proof that the No Doubt singer may have been onto something back in 1995.

OG of the OC Vicki Gunvalson and The Real Housewives of Orange County burst onto the scene back in March 2006 sharing with the world their affinity for wine tossing and sky tops. Let's also not forget their love for posing with their hometown's most recognizable treasure, oranges. But a decade or so prior, there was another OC native who became a household name holding that piece of fruit. That woman? No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani. She, of course, appeared on the cover of the band's iconic 1995 album Tragic Kingdom in a red pleather dress, holding an orange, clearly. Hers was rotting (a nod to the album's darker themes about how life and love doesn't really turn out how you think it will, blah, blah), but, still, there it was. In some ways, she kind of set the bar for the OC 'Wives thanks to that one legendary image, see above.

And with Gwen still pumping out new tunes and Vicki still reigning over the OC as the only original wife on the series, it kind of made us wonder what would happen if Vicki was featured on the Tragic Kingdom album cover.

Vicki mocked up in Gwen's place on the album. Obviously.

Actually it also made us wonder what it might look like if Gwen actually joined RHOC. Hey, she kind of looks great hanging with the crew.

Gwen as the latest OC 'Wife. Not really. We photoshopped that.

Whether or not Gwen and the Tragic Kingdom album cover had anything to do with the RHOC's decision to hold oranges has yet to be confirmed (though, it probably didn't), but we at least have some throwback photos of the actual OC 'Wives for you to enjoy, below.


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