Heather Dubrow: I Was Absolutely Over It

Heather Dubrow: I Was Absolutely Over It

"I don't blame Tamra for her reaction..."

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Heather Calls Kelly a Racist

I told you Ireland wouldn't disappoint! 

Ireland is a beautiful country and we met some lovely people. How embarrassing to watch the show and see Kelly immediately making fun of the bellman's accent and say the words "lucky charms"?!?! Absolutely cringe worthy. 

The "black velvet" drinks we were greeted with were champagne and Guinness beer. Not something I would usually order, but so fun to start the trip with a local favorite! Especially when it involves champagne! 

Powerscourt Hotel was beautiful and the staff was amazingly accommodating! How many people thought Vicki sent the flowers to herself? Seemed a little convenient upon check in. Any time Terry has sent me flowers when I'm traveling they put them in my room. Hmmmmm.

The pub crawl...well we drank and laughed and danced in the streets and had so much fun for a few hours...and then...here we go again with Kelly. The dumb jokes, the judgmental comments and now we are attacking the Jewish people and repeating financial (and incorrect) information about me? I was absolutely over it. We went into the department store at my request because I had heard from a friend who had recently visited Dublin that it was amazing. My friend was right, beautiful store and I was enjoying a little retail therapy when the fight broke out. I don't blame Tamra for her reaction, the catalyst was Kelly and this was what, the FOURTH time I've been around her in public and witnessed some kind of outrageous behavior. 

Tamra Breaks Down After Kelly Talks About Her Daughter

Getting kicked out of a department store is not fun, and yes, I was pissed. Of course I was upset for Tamra, and if I was making it about myself so be it -- I was pissed. Also, Vicki can judge me all she wants -- she walked away and "didn't get involved". Please, so she didn't stick up for her new bestie Kelly or her old bestie Tamra. Great friend. 

Watching Kelly relay the events of the day to Michael is indicative of her problem -- revisionist history. Nobody ganged up on her -- she attacks people and then cries. Over it. 

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Vicki Gets Her Flirt on in Ireland

We were all happy that Kelly didn't come to Johnny Fox's -- it was SOOOOOO fun and we had a completely drama free evening! Tamra and I got up on stage and river danced with the professionals -- so fun!!! We laughed a LOT and learned a few fun Irish words...yes, we were OSSIFIED! 

Tune in next week to see even more from the trip -- spoiler alert -- it gets uglier...

Until then...

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Until next week...

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