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Kelly Dodd: I Didn't Want to Get Involved in Shannon's Family Soap Opera

"To me, Donna's emotions seemed genuine."

By Kelly Dodd
Can Shannon and Kelly Be Friends?

It’s been a long time coming, but with Tamra mediating, Shannon and I finally got to a place where things between us aren’t contentious. Better yet, positive vibes are starting to develop. It was nice to be invited along with the other ladies to help Shannon prepare to move out of her home. That was my first visit to Shannon’s house. I loved her taste in everything. I thought her home was amazing.

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Helping Shannon sort through her clothes was fun. All of us have certain clothes that we value beyond their style because they remind us of special memories. I am sure she felt that we were trampling over her emotions by being so cavalier with our sorting and purging. Sorry about that Shannon, we probably got a little carried away. Shannon has expensive taste in clothes and accessories. She has many beautiful things, but to my eye some were a little too dated. Although, fashionistas say if you hang onto things long enough, they will come back in style.

Once Shannon and I got over some initial awkwardness we actually got along quite well. I loved the look on my face when I asked her where she was moving to and she said Corona del Mar, my ‘hood. Yikes, that’s a little too close for comfort.

The best thing that happened that day at Shannon’s house was when she invited me to see her daughters’ performance. LOCK, Ladies of Rock. The Beador girls are beautiful and extremely talented. That night at the Blue Beet, LOCK played quite a few cover songs before “Dreamcatcher”. Every song they performed was terrific. I thought it was amazing how the three sisters' complimentary talents shine as an ensemble.  

Shortly after Michael and I entered the Blue Beet, Shannon and David greeted us. As I said hello to David, I took the opportunity to apologize for my comments about him at their '70s party. Shannon and I were moving on and I didn’t want anything to be awkward between David and I, especially at their daughters’ event. It still ended up being a little awkward because my apology felt rushed. I believe he didn’t want to deal with me and I really didn’t want to deal with him.

At the Blue Beet, just prior to LOCK performing, we saw Shannon’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law enter the restaurant. As you saw, Shannon was in disbelief that David’s family members were there, since apparently they weren’t invited? Shannon seemed immediately concerned and told us her in-laws hate her. Every family’s dynamics are different, but Shannon’s admission and her reaction to having the girls’ grandmother and aunt at their special event struck me as odd. Regardless, it wasn’t my business and I did not want to learn any more about their relationship. I was there to see a show, not drama.

Shannon's Mother-in-Law Talks Behind Her Back

LOCK started playing. As Murphy’s Law would have it, Shannon’s mother-in-law, Donna just happened to end up standing right next to me. The girls played four or five cover songs and during the gig Donna was standing next to me cheering the girls on. Donna introduced herself and told me how proud she is of her granddaughters, and so much more...

When Donna calls me by my name, it’s because she had been speaking to me during the girls' set. So, when you see Shannon saying, I was expecting Donna to be complimenting my daughters, I can tell you that Donna was.

Now, contrary to what you may think, I didn’t want to get involved in Shannon’s family soap opera. Without picking sides, I can tell you what I saw and heard. To me, Donna’s emotions seemed genuine. She was telling me that Shannon does not allow her to see her grandchildren, which made me really sad because I know how important my Jolie is to my Mom and vice-versa. Donna seemed to be emotionally hurt. She was upset and the tears were flowing. I empathize with Donna. I was very close to both of my grandmothers. Every parent knows that time with our children is precious. I am sure it’s a difficult situation for everyone involved, especially the girls.

Shannon Loses it When She Hears What David's Mom Said

Sure enough, Tamra kicked the beehive and told Shannon that Donna said David had made one mistake and that Shannon drove him to it (referring to David’s affair)...I find it ironic that I said something similar at the '70s party. It seems to me that Shannon probably already knew Donna’s opinion, that’s why she reacted immediately by getting furious with David.

When I saw Shannon and David explaining to their children in the car ride home what had happened, I felt terrible for the girls. The car ride should have been celebratory and fun, not depressing. The girls rocked the house. 

I thought how wise their daughter was for saying, “Some people get angry but you have to forgive them.” That tells me the Beador kids might understand how dysfunctional the situation is between Shannon and her in-laws. In most families, kids want meaningful relationship with their grandparents. It took a long time for Shannon to come around and accept me. I have said in a previous blog that Shannon holds onto a grudge. You’ve seen it with Vicki, me, and now with her in-laws. I hope for her entire family’s sake Shannon follows Christ’s lead. Have mercy and move on so their family can heal.

I wish the Beadors all the best.

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