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Peggy Sulahian: When They Want to Turn the Tables on Me, They Should Be Careful

"Kelly should not try to insult my intelligence on her ability to understand me."

By Peggy Sulahian
Kelly Dodd Says She Empathizes With Shannon Beador

I am very happy that Kelly's surgery went well and that she was able to recover so quickly. From personal experience, I know that it is a very painful procedure and one that requires time for healing. Michael is very loving and supportive. The care you get from family and friends tremendously affects the healing process. Being in a good place emotionally, is half the battle. My family and friends were crucial to my wellbeing during that difficult time.

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Kelly admitting that she understands Shannon’s emotional instability was interesting. Clearly, she stated that she needs to step back before she blurts out whatever she pleases. That’s how all this conflict seems to have begun. Kelly may be onto something when she said that Shannon is frustrated about her marriage and her self-esteem is getting in the way. As women, we carry a heavy toll and when we get burdened down, many things fall apart. As the anchor to any family. Shannon needs to find some time for herself and deal with her issues.

Which leads me approach her misunderstanding about my cancer. I had a cancerous growth and to prevent it from spreading, I had a double mastectomy even though my BRACA tests came back negative. I was in denial the entire time from the beginning and was very difficult for me to accept it. Having the women interrogate me tremendously hurt me because those times were when I had to accept it and realize what I had gone through. It completely broke my heart, I have never been asked if I had CANCER and the abrupt question made me feel uncomfortable, especially when it became the main topic of conversation. I thank Tamra though for being kind and thoughtful. So YES, once again I had CANCER!!

Breast cancer has haunted me most of my adult life. I hate the word and the disease. Personally, I have pushed it out of my mind and accepting the fact that I had cancer is surreal. My biggest fears had come to life. Not only had it taken my mother from me, but it loomed in the back of my mind. If I am confusing to all the ladies, it is because I don’t want to speak of my cancer, but I’ve realized it connects to viewers and their stories.

Creating happy memories helps with a healthy mind. That’s why I try to create lasting memories as I had with my mom making Sarma. Gia will soon be out of the house, and learning these traditional foods will remind her of home. It will be good way for her to go to a safe place and destress. I am so excited that she is growing up and following her dreams. Yet, as a mom (don’t tell Diko) I am terrified to let my little girl go!

Lost in Translation With Peggy

What is it with this “balls being cut off” business. It must be the vernacular of the day -- I must keep up. It was rude of Shannon to leave Lydia out. Again, it’s all about Shannon being “misunderstood”. I gotta say, I love when Kelly turns to Tamra and Shannon for help. Yet, there is no response from them so she shortly turns to Meghan for help to jump in with her head and eye gesture. If I'm not mistaken, Kelly chose not to invite Meghan to the volleyball game. I’m just not fond of two-faced people. Anyway, it was sweet of Megan to try and explain Kelly’s accusations, when all that needed to be done was shutting Kelly up.

In conclusion, Kelly should not try to insult my intelligence on her ability to understand me. They can squabble all they want like children, but when they want to turn the tables on me, they should be careful. I guess initiation has begun.

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