Tamra Judge: Shane Sure Seems to Love the Drama!

"I heard everybody's side of the story, but I saw it for the first time on TV."

Bravotv.com: Now that you’re getting to know Steve more, what do you think of him?

Tamra Judge: After getting to know Steve, I think he’s a really nice guy, I am happy that Vicki has found love. 

Steve has never done anything to me personally, and the only way I can judge him is how he treats me and my friend. He’s a keeper in my book.  

Bravotv.com: Do you think Shannon was receptive when you opened up about your feelings in the flower shop?

TJ: I just want to clarify one thing: Shannon is a good friend. It just so happened that we were both going through a lot of emotional things at the same time. Everybody deals with things differently. I shut down and become angry, and Shannon becomes emotional and needy. 

I was so busy trying to help Shannon deal with her divorce that I was avoiding my own stress and emotions. I can’t blame Shannon completely for not asking about Eddie or how I was holding up, because I don’t open up when things are bad. You watched me break my foot. I just wanted to act like nothing happened, even though I was in pain. I just shut down! 

As friends, I really do feel like it was a growing experience for Shannon and me. After our talk I have learned to open up a little bit more, and Shannon has learned to ask more questions, even when I don’t want to talk. You can trust Shannon asks me every day how Eddie's doing now.  

Bravotv.com: What is your take on the drama that happened at your party?

TJ: I literally walked upstairs for five minutes, and as I came back to the party, all hell had broke loose. I heard everybody's side of the story, but I saw it for the first time on TV.

I thought Shannon was being a good friend by trying to help Kelly navigate her conversation with Steve. Was it the right time to confront Steve? Maybe not, but Kelly was going in. 

I think Steve did what any gentleman should’ve done. He basically walked away. I’m not a fan of men getting in the middle of drama. But Shane sure seems to love the drama! 

I think by Shane getting involved and telling Kelly that she was drunk was out of line. JUST STAY OUT OF IT, SHANE.

I would have to say that I’ve heard many different stories about Kelly and Emily's argument. After seeing it, I’m a little shocked.

I get that Emily was upset that Kelly called her husband a little bitch. But that was extreme anger and strong words for an attorney/party planner to throw around.   

Anyone else find it odd that Shane stood behind his wife and kept making rude comments as SHE fought for him?



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