A-List Overload

A-List Overload

Jeana Keough shares all the juicy details from the A-List Awards!

I wish you all could have been at Bravo's A-List Awards! It was so fun, and be sure and text a vote for me during the fashion show, normally I wouldn’t dare ask such a thing, my Midwest upbringing and all, but a win for me gives 10,000 dollars to Komen OC. Komen OC is a charity that funds people and research for women’s breast cancer!

The girls from Atlanta are so fun, I loved them. I spent some time with Kim, she had this amazing bodyguard that was as big as a sumo wrestler! I want one, how fun to have a big guy follow you around and carry your bags. I am kidding! She is funny and quick-witted and always seemed to have a cigarette in her hand. NeNe is NeNe - always the life of the party. Her husband and son Brett are really sweet. We all stayed at The Standard. The beds are very low to the ground, which took some getting used to, and no bathtub in my room, not that I needed a romantic bath. My friend Shannon Kaskaviks came in from Nashville to keep me company. The rooftop bar and nightclub were so fun - I loved dancing up there under the stars. Chef Chaz, Rebecca Voss, Tanya Brown, and Ben Medina joined me for a fun weekend. It is so fun to watch my friends be star struck! Everyone loves Kathy Griffin, Patti Stanger and her adorable boyfriend. Hey Patti, when you trade him in there is room in the OC! Ryan Scott from Top Chef was at the A-List after party and we had such a great time. I can’t wait for him to come down to the OC and cook for me! He is an amazing dancer, and the sweetest guy...some lucky girl in the bay area has found a terrific guy!

Vicki and Donn and Simon and Tamra hung pretty tightly together over the three-day shoot. I felt like I bounced all over the place. I was so excited to get to spend a little time with Bethenny, but she was not feeling well and didn’t go out much. Her book signings kept her busy. Ramona was fascinating, she is such a busy girl. I loved her jewelry line - what a great idea to have travel diamonds. Elizabeth Taylor had them and I think it is a great idea. Our local OCRegister news reporter was invited to the event - he won’t be writing any bad things about me ever! I have blackmail pictures Richard Chang! Nah just kidding, Slade and Gretchen seemed to really be enjoying themselves and they really make a cute couple. I enjoyed Kelly, she is stunning and what a body! With so many women around I felt I was at the Playboy Mansion again, but all the women had aged! Tori Spelling sat in front of me she looked amazing, but so thin. The Kardashians seemed like a lot of fun. Kendra from The Girls Next Door looked so beautiful and happy - life without Hef seems to agree with her. Jeff from Flipping Out was there - he's always one of my favorites! We went from Katana for Sushi, to the Ivy for lunch, Ken Pavis salon did my hair, thanks Marissa! It looked great. I am sorry I missed your charity, but my friend had an accident and we all went home in the middle of the night. I met the most amazing 23 year old who lost her hand in a car accident recently, and Ken Pavis gives a portion of every hair cut towards her care. Gotta love that man. I am going to do a fundraiser for her too, she touched my heart!

This week was really hard on my town. Two local boys, Mark Motley and Zach Rafferty lost their lives in a car accident, on the anniversary of the death of another young man we all miss, Cory Bailey. My heart goes out to these families and I hope that all the people who went to the funeral slow down and stop texting and talking on the phone while driving. I think I am going to get all of my children tanks!

I really couldn’t say much about the NY episode this week, I was too overwhelmed with A-List fun and drama! Watch what happens when you put that many women in a room together and see who is left standing at the end of three days!

I am off to Austin Texas for a AmeriSciences conference with my new BFF Victoria Wilhelm, she is leaving her husband, the famous Newport Beach dentist Dave Wilhelm, for four days so that he can spend two days doing charity work on people's teeth. What a guy. It should be a fun trip! Plenty of AS10 martini’s, of course, while I am there I am going to keep my eyes peeled for the next Real Housewife franchise, The Real Housewives of Austin!

I'm still taking the weight loss suppliment Duzoxin. You can find out more about it here!

Love to Shane - can't wait to get to Stockton soon honey, keep up the good work. Kara, study hard on your finals! Colton, you're perfect, I love you.

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