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Boot Camp and the Bay Area

Jeana Keough reveals her new parenting methods and strict exercise routine!

By Jeana Keough


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I decided to do the boot camp with Vicky when she kept showing up in my driveway at 5:15 am everyday. It lasted 6 weeks, my body responded quickly to the extensive John Ellis work outs. The feeling to be done and home by 7am gave me a start to the day. I love the classes and John for his advice.

How did we all meet Frankie? Well, Frankie emailed me about decorating my house. We met for lunch and I liked his ideas, his sense of fun and the great way he does hair! He lives in Ruby Hills, California, and he rented a home in Coto for 3 month's, and then LA, now he is moving to Newport next month. He is trying to find his place and is tired of the Bay area. We all love him, he is so helpful and sweet. Frankie is heading here tomorrow to watch the show with us. He is so funny. His friends and my friends have all become close friends, his painter stays here and has done the most amazing colors in my house. Renee is really an artist.


This season, there's definitely a change in my parenting skills with Colton. They're more strict. He is a great kid but remember — I am the mom who goes on senior trip with the kids. Colton and all my kids know that honesty is the most important characteristic — they don't lie. You would trust Colton with your back in a fight, your home ion a disaster, and at your side in any accident, he always knows the right thing to do. He and I are constantly running out doors when we It echo's all across Coto if it is bad enough. Because I am a firemen's daughter we always stop at every accident that doesn't have firemen — he's learned a lot. I have to say that Kara didn't need much parenting she was so wise from 3 on. Colton just needs to be reminded he is 15, he wants to be driving so bad. His biggest issue with me is some of his friends drink and it bothers me a lot when they come over.


Coming to New York for the Runway show last week was great. Vicky chipped her front tooth before we did the Today show, that was fun. Kara had the best time! She knew most of the contestants and really hit it off with Simon Barney. We got to know him and he has a quirky humor that his wife doesn't get, but Kara did. He really made an impression on her with his quick wit, and so charming and sweet coordinating everyone, Ryan is lucky to have such a positive influence around him when he can't be with his real dad. Andy was under the weather so we didn't see much of him, but it was great getting to know the rest of our Bravo support group.


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