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The Future is Now

Vicki Gunvalson denies that she's envious of her daughter, Briana.

By Vicki Gunvalson


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Oh my goodness, I am NOT jealous of Briana's relationship with Colby. I am so happy for her — not jealous! She and Colby have a love that I believe will last forever. They are best friends, true soul mates. They have a level of respect for each other that most adults only wish for in a lifetime.

It would be wrong in saying I "envy" my daughter. I want her to have MORE love than I do, and more happiness than I ever had. Isn't that what we want for our children? I am not jealous and NOT envious. I am proud of their relationship because it is based on trust and commitment. They are truly a model for a successful relationship and I love them both.

Briana and I talk about marriage a lot! I won't "do anything" if she doesn't wait. I will support her and be extremely proud of who she chooses as her husband. Truthfully, I believe her and Colby will marry by the time she is 25. Ideally, I would love for her to live on her own for a little and travel the world before she is married with children. When I look back on my life, that is something I wish I had done — however I do love the fact that I have two grown children and I'm still "young." Ultimately she will make the right decision for herself and I will fully support her. And I do feel better knowing that Briana could defend herself if she got into a situation that required it. She is very strong and very athletic. I get to see Briana at least one day per week. We try to meet for dinner or shopping and at least one night or one weekend day. It's awesome spending time with each other!

Michael is in a relationship now too, and, oh my gosh, I love Lauren. She fits in our family perfectly! I actually just met her parents last month at Boulder at "family weekend" and our two families went to dinner together. It was awesome! Her mother Diane and I clicked right away, and I felt like I had known her forever. I finally see Mike and Briana getting closer. This is why I love family vacations. It requires everyone to spend time with each other without being distracted. Lauren and Briana love each other, and neither one of them has a sister, so I think that is great for both of them to have one another.

As far as business is going, my Web site is doing phenomenally well! I currently have over 200 agents working with my team and they are all doing great! I wrote a book called Internet Life Insurance Selling Made Easy, which is now available to insurance agents who wish to learn my system. I am now licensed in all the states, and it is a great accomplishment to see people taking a leap of faith and following my sales system. The great thing about insurance sales is that you have no ceiling to your income, and if you are dedicated you will have a very rewarding career. I love what I do, and I love inspiring others to "set their goals and reach them!"

It has been really rewarding for me to see Michael taking an interest in my career and insurance sales. In upcoming episodes you will see Mike and me visit one of my associates in Seattle who supports my agents, leads, and my underwriting. Mike has always grown up with me working, but I never missed a track meet, football game, or Briana's cheer competitions. I think that inspires him not to be stuck in a corporate job from 7-6 p.m. with no flexibility. My job gives you the option of controlling your own schedule if you are raising a family.

Mike is a very loyal and trustworthy person. I think if he chooses insurance or financial planning as his career when he graduates, he will be extremely successful. He is not a "bullshitter" and is very methodical in his thinking. He is very sincere in what he believes in, which is what you need in sales. For anyone who chooses sales as a career, these are the qualities that separate the winners and losers. How awesome would that be for me to pass my business down to my son?! What I have built for the past 15 years, could live on for a generations when I hang my hat up ... but don't expect that to be too soon!

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