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Catching Up With Tammy Knickerbocker

For Tammy Knickerbocker, kids, work, and love are all part of life post-OC

What have I been up to? My life has completely changed. I am now back in my home in Coto de Caza along with ALL of my children and a brand new kitty, named Ceador (I know, not Theador.) Ryley insisted on the name - he did not want his kitty confused with the chipmunks. My life is not any different than most women - I am still juggling kids, career and the men in my life. I have been taking some time out to travel, and I have started mountain biking, which is a bit nuts, but why not! I am concentrating on my company, We negotiate product placement in feature films, television & reality TV shows. We have some really interesting projects, so it continues to be fun! Veriya also encompasses marketing and branding (I'm even working with Vicki, handling her online marketing for her company, Coto Insurance.) I continue to put my real estate licensure to use by specializing in investments & new business opportunities. It's the one niche in real estate that is unaffected by the change in economy. Now you can see why I have no time for dating!

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As if that isn't enough, I am moving forward with starting my own charity called Housewives4Housewives which helps mothers develop business skills and provides a mentoring program that assists its participants who struggle to balance earning an income, providing for their families and caring for their children. Using the pay-it-forward philosophy, the program will assist, encourage and affect thousands of housewives! Of course, I pulled in Vicki and Jeana to help me pick candidates that need sponsorship, as they are both board members. I could not do it without "Mama Jeana's" advice and "Business savvy Vicki's" expertise. My first candidate is being sponsored by Vicki to become an insurance agent with Coto Insurance. This charity is very dear to my heart because when I got divorced from the girls' father, Lou Knickerbocker, I had a non-compete clause and I had to change careers. I went into a field that I knew nothing about, real estate. I did not have a mentor or anyone guiding me, and I needed to support my children. Even through everyone may think that I had millions and millions, the truth was I was in trouble, scared and embarrassed. Megan is working and has grown up a lot since being on the show, I am very proud of her and the beautiful women she has become. Don't get me wrong, Megan will always be Megan. She still loves her dogs and misses them since she is not able to keep them with me at my house. I love her dog, Freya, who is the gentlest dog I have ever met. But the dogs are still a bit scary, and I have a small son that I am not willing to take any chances with. Lindsey has started her own clothing and boot line called Lblake. It has been a long process, but we are determined to take it to market, even if we have to work until we're 100 years old! She is working full time, modeling and taking online designer classes. She is dating a really nice guy - she will probably kill me for telling everyone. Ryley is in 1st grade and he is the most amazing child. At my age, it's funny doing the whole crazy mom-shopping search for that toy that kids just have to have. With my girls it was Beanie Babies - I stood in line forever to just be able to get one. Now I find myself driving from Costco to Costco all across town looking for Bukugan Mega Pack. I would not trade it in a million years - the joy of having children has been very rewarding.

To learn more about the charity, please read a message from Vicki as she is on the Board: Support a charity that can change someone's life. As you may know, Tammy and I have been friends for a long time and when she told me about the Charity that she was developing, Housewives4Housewives , I was interested. When I learned about the programs, I was sold.Housewives4Housewives (H4H) is a charity that helps women and mothers develop business skills and empower them with knowledge, skill sets and a mentor to ensure that they will be successful. The women that H4H sponsors are not looking for a freebie, but are looking to work and earn their living - they just need some help. I have found that there are so many government sponsored help for low income individuals, such as Medicaid, Section 8 housing and food stamps; but what about the lower middle class, the people who the government deem "make too much money to qualify" for those programs, yet cannot afford gas or other basic necessities. I am happy to be a board member of this Charity with a worthwhile cause - to promote improving lives through education, training and mentoring. Please visit the website and offer support to other "Housewives" in need.

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