A Fresh Look

A Fresh Look

Jeana Keough shares her thoughts on the fourth season premiere, including her first impressions of Gretchen Rossi.

In the premiere, Lauri struggles with Josh and it is so painful to watch, I feel so bad for her. It is frustrating to not be able to help your child. Vicky is very hyper in this episode — she is like the energizer bunny. I was exhausted watching her. I hope she doesn't buy the boat — it is very expensive to maintain. But if she does, I hope I get to go on it. Tamra is as funny as ever — she has the best one-liners. Her daughter Sophia is my sweet sidekick.

I decided to redecorate my bedroom to give me a lift. I did love my old velvet set, but Between the Sheets has a great sales rep, Don, who convinced me to warm up to caramel and gold silk to match my new Amber metallic walls. Rankie and his faux-painter have been working there way through the house and the metallic amber makes me feel like I am in a jewelry box when I walk into the bedroom. The bedroom is my sanctuary — with a houseful for guests and kids, the bedroom is my place, and hopefully I won't be alone there too much longer! Slade also changed his new home to modern and he gave me his four-poster bed, which I love! My family room reminded me too much of Matt. He was always there watching three TV's at once, and I wanted a fresh look! My first impression of Gretchen was that she smiled a lot — a very contagious smile by the way. She has a really fun laugh, and she is a bright, sweet girl. She should be in scripted television I think. She has a special something - if I was managing, I would sign her up! I think she has a lot of potential. She is stunning and reminds me of my friend Dorothy Stratton, who is no longer with us. She is stunning and funny and I hope we will be friends. I am thrilled to have her, she and Kara share the same birthday!

I too dated an older man who was the love of my life. He didn't want to have children or get married, so after seven or eight years, even though every other part of my life with him I loved, I left to find a husband and have kids. I have missed him terribly. We didn't talk for 20 years because he was angry, or hurt. Last summer we ran into each other and it was an emotional day for me. I missed him so much - he had such a unique way of looking at life and people, and I leaned a lot from him. He still made my heart stop! He has married and had a child Kara's age. And he seems to be very happy. He married a mutual friend of ours and she is perfect for him — calm and helpful. I was high maintenance. He picked the right girl to spend his life with, and I am glad that enough time has passed that I am forgiven and maybe we can be friends again someday.

Kara is missing the dogs, her brothers, and her boyfriend Blair. She is trying to transfer to UCLA to be closer to her acting work. It isn't the O.C. and I know it is good to get out of your comfort zone, but she misses the weather of sunny O.C. Can't wait to see her this week! I am cooking for the family, a few of us go to feed the poor in the morning and Chef Chaz is helping me prepare my feast. Frankie and Richard are supposed to come on Friday for the weekend and I am hoping a special Texan can spare a few days away from work to make my special day complete. It is hard dating someone from out of state when you both have busy lives.

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