Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Jeana Keough shares how she celebrates the New Year with her family and friends.

I hope everybody had a great holiday! Kara got her grades from her finals and got straight A's. That was the only present I needed! I received a Mac photo album from Kara and it is wonderful. Our year is documented in a bound book with her wonderful writing - she picked out the perfect presents for everyone. Except for her suitcases all over her room, it has been great having her home. Blair, her boyfriend, is wonderful and sweet and spoiled her rotten. Everything on her list was under the tree. They have been together two years and I love watching them together. They have such a great relationship. Kara picks great men.

Colton did a lot of catering jobs with Chef Chaz. He was busy every weekend and it really helped with his Christmas money. He is so disciplined - he gets up early, loads the trucks, and he understands about fuses being blown and can fix everything. In an emergency he is more calm then anyone in the family.

A flight from Arizona arrived late and I was stuck at the airport, so Colton had to do the final touches on dinner, which included two turkeys and prime rib. He had the last hour of mashing potatoes and pulling the birds out at the perfect time. He did a great job. He is my rock and I cherish him more every day. His big present was some part for his car to save gas, but I have a feeling it makes the car faster. Shane was so mature this Christmas. He just wanted a pair of jeans and some money for Vegas for New Years. He has been a big help around the house and for the first time since he left home when his high school friends come over I don't have to clean up after them! They all load the dishwasher and pick up their wet towels! Yeah! They are growing up! The boys had card games every night and kids were always coming and going.

I got to fly to Arizona to see my girlfriend Melanie Neal. She just moved to Scottsdale from Chicago and it was so great seeing her. We spent a whole day shopping, talking, and of course, drinking wine. It was a perfect holiday gift for me. Friends should be cherished and I do cherish everyone. Frankie hasn't been down yet, he had a huge Christmas for his family at his house, but I believe he is coming for New Years. I had 18 people for Christmas and it was fun. Shane's bulldog Bella keeps us in stitches every day - she really should have her own TV show. My friend of 30 years, Bob Carr, just put together his first magazine called Defy. He is the editor-in-chief and Paul Edalt is the publisher. It was so exciting to watch them put together this magazine. The theme is people who have defied the odds and emerged successful. It is a magazine to give insight into what makes a person successful and they interview amazing people. My favorite line from Paul is, "In life, when you are on your way to success, you are likely to be both targeted and criticized, but it's how you handle that criticism and move on from there that will set you apart." I live my life that way and hope that in the New Year you will too!

To top it off, Vicki Gunvalson is the spokesman for Duzoxinand is featured in several beautiful ads. The product is for weight loss management and it's available at Amazon.com. And boy did it work for Vicki - she looks amazing. Though it's not so lucky for Donn, because she needed a new wardrobe! I spent Christmas Eve at Vicki's celebrating Michael's graduation. Vicki's home looked beautiful and it was so fun meeting all of her family, her mom, Lisa, Billy and her nephews. As usual, Donn was the perfect host. Vicki was so happy to have her family, friends there and not having to brave the cold weather in Chicago like last year. I heard from Gretchen, Lynne, Tamra and Simon during the holidays. We have all grown close - unfortunately the editing doesn't really show that. They seem to focus only on conflict.

Matthew and Shane are getting ready to relocate to Arizona for spring training. It starts in February and the boys have been working out every day. I got 3 club memberships for Christmas so I have no excuses. The Equinox in Irvine, The Renaissance Marriot Sport in Aliso Viejo, and 24 Hour Sport in Ladera. I won't get bored, that's for sure!

Happy New Year to all!

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