Lots of Drama

Lots of Drama

Jeana Keough gives the low down on the real estate biz, and recounts her spa trip with the girls.

Wow— a lot of drama in the first few episodes! I was so jealous of the Napa trip. I can't wait to have a special person go there with me. It looks so romantic! The motorcycle part that Gretchen did scared me. I have never allowed my children to ride one. My father and brothers were firemen and I know too well that you can be the best rider and still get hurt. I hope she doesn't get one. I loved my quiet time with Vicki — sitting in her Grotto is my favorite thing. I love Donn on trips — he is so helpful and fun to be around. We all went to New York together and he and Simon took the best care of all of the girls. They are such gentlemen! My two sons thought the lingerie shop was the best part of all four of our seasons! Tamra sure looks great! They played that part over a lot!

A few of my listings were given the wrong price. One house that is 9 million has a voice over that says 6.5. Ouch — I hope I get a lot of calls anyway! At 9 million it is a steal — it is worth 15 million. It was so fun to have Kara and all the kids home for the holidays. We baked cookies and cooked dinner. Colton is really a good cook. Chef Chaz cooked for us a few times over the holiday and boy, did he spoil us! Having a personal chef is the ultimate luxury!

Shane and Colton had so much fun together this vacation. They went to the gym everyday and ate so healthy. We all cringe and gag at Shane's raw egg whites he drinks! Shane is going to start working with Colton on his baseball drills. Shane even got to play basketball with his old teammates at Tesoro's Alumni Game. That had to be a lot of fun - those were such special years for Shane, and his teammates are still his best friends. Jason Holmes and his dad Glen got Shane started in basketball, and I will be forever grateful. It was the turning point for Shane. Teamwork, drills and being part of that elite team really made him develop as a team player. Shane started playing his freshman year, but they all made Varsity because we didn't have seniors back then. The change in him was so great that I made Colton start playing in 4th grade. I am convinced that sports help build character. Colton's football team is still undefeated in playoffs and Colton is such a fan — he is so hoarse from screaming, it is very exciting for him to have his school doing so well. I hope our baseball team can do as well.

It was hard for me to watch my friends Dennis and Tina sell their house. But fortunately he is a genius and he will recover. I love seeing Lauri so happy — she deserves it. We don't get to see her much because she is a newlywed with a large family, so I love catching up with what they are doing. The limo scene with Gretchen makes us look mean, but it was all in good fun. Donn and Vicki seem to be struggling this week, but this was shot so long ago. I am glad they worked things out. Donn really seems to be letting her know his feelings and I am glad she listened. They are doing great now. Marriages go through phases and it is so painful to have to share it with strangers. People always come up to me and give me advice, but no one knows the issues I have to deal with it. Leaving a person who is down is hard.

Going to Sonya Dakar was so fun. Having lunch on the roof was a special treat, having all the girls together is always fun. The facials were great and her skin care line is special. This was the first time we spent time with Gretchen. We had a great trip together and never a dull moment! It was a special treat going there and a fun present from our producers.

I am a little upset that in this episode Vicki blames me for her decision to buy a smaller house in Coto. She bought it to downsize for herself and Donn and then she changed her mind and decided to lease or sell it. Unfortunately the market dumped 30 percent, but that isn't anyone's fault. The part about me not helping her get a tenant out is a job for attorneys not me. I know those comments were made 6 months ago but they still are hurtful.

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