Solid Advice

Solid Advice

Jeana Keough defends her advice to Gretchen Rossi.


Here is a cute picture of friends and I in Vegas last weekend. Paul is Vicki's boss for Duzoxin weight management pills, his beautiful girlfriend Nicole and Tom and Sepidah all went to to celebrate the launch of Defy Magazine. We had a great time at the Palms Casino, Lisa Lampenli the comedian with us put on a great show and gently mocked The Real Housewives of OC. Shane Keough made a big splash at all the night clubs and was treated like a rock star. Shane left for Arizona to start spring training, Kara left to go back to Berkeley and my house is so quiet! I am spring cleaning like crazy, and working out. I just signed with Eleme Smooth Shape to promote a cellulite treatment plan — it is really working my legs are getting to be toned again! I fly to West Palm Beach in Florida to attend a spa opening in February. Everywhere I go women want me to film the housewives based in their city — they think I am the producer! Of course I do work closely with casting, but they don't always take my suggestions.

So if anyone wants to go to see me at the Anushka Spa and Salon Feb 18, 6:30 PM in West Palm Beach reserve you're A-list spot by calling RSVP 561-820-0131 or email for more info. It should be exciting and we will be featuring the Eleme Smooth Shape to get your legs in shape for summer.

Exercise clears my head. Christina Cody has been working me out, sometimes I bribe her to go straight to breakfast, and sometimes the water cooler fans at the gym totally stop my workout with questions about the most recent episode ("Did she or not?") My trainer John Ellis is starting his movie promotion for The Compass — check the website for dates near you. I am so excited for my friend's first movie, and he is the producer! It is similar to The Secret. Kara was sent by her manager, Patrick Hughes, on auditions for 2 horror movies. She loved the scripts and is excited about acting again. We both read all four books in the Twilight series and Kara saw the movie 3 times over Christmas break. Colton saw The Unborn last week and it scared him for days. He insisted Bella the bulldog sleep with him because he was so scared, he said it was the scariest movie he had ever seen since seeing Kara in Outbreak at age 3. That movie scared him about germs so badly that he is a clean fanatic!

Matt is still here from the holidays — he is moving to Arizona this week. We will miss him and Colton is definitely going to miss his personal pitching coach and throwing batting practice with him. Colton's team is making plans to go to spring training in Arizona to watch the big leagues play. Shane is starting this week to work out with the big league team for a month before his team starts. He loves being around the big leaguers and he learns so much from being there. He is in the best shape of his life — he worked out six days a week on strength and conditioning. That protein shake blender was going three times a day with Colton and Shane working out sometimes twice a day!

Fragrance shopping was fun — spending the day being treated like a princess is always fun. Kathleen French, our Evolution producer, set up all the fun things that day. Thanks Kathleen! The Viceroy was beautiful, and lunch was great. Lynne is allowed to have her opinion. Vicki and I gave Gretchen solid advice — no offense taken if Lynne didn't agree with us. We have all gotten to know Lynne and enjoy her laid back attitude. She calms me down and I adore Frank. We have all gotten closer these last few weeks, and I have fun running into the girls at Maestro's and Javier's. The St. Regis and The Montage are some of our favorite hotels as well as The Renaissance — with travel so hard I have been hotel hopping to get my vacation time in closer to home. I can't leave my little 16 year old home alone or I end up having a party. Colton is pretty good about cleaning up after and Orange Counties finest sheriffs always stop by when there are too many cars in the street. I love that my dear friend Ed Macia's stopped by Friday night to double check on the fun party Colton had when mom was out of town. Lucky for him it was all pizza and sodas!

I got several new exciting listings this week, I had a fun dinner with Vicki last night and was caught up on her Mexico trip, I am having dinner with the Barney's this weekend (probably to make up for her saying I have mad cow disease! ) Gretchen, Lynne, Kara and I are going to the Superbowl fundraiser at the Playboy mansion that Tracy Bingham puts on. It is so fun and last year's event was a blast. Tammy Knickerbocker went last year with Lindsey, and Kara was fascinated by the naked girls with painted on uniforms. It was celebrity filled and we all had a wonderful day in our giant tent!

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