Crazy Fun

Crazy Fun

What's it like to raise two teenagers on television? Lynne Curtin explains!

Every day is a romantic getaway with Frank! Just kidding. The man has been known to frustrate me to no end once or twice, but I'm sure that coin flips both ways. Smiles.

But really, we had am absolutely amazing time on vacation. We might look silly onscreen but it's great to keep that spark going. I think everyone should make it a point to spend quality time with the one they love. Frank works so much that it is great to get him all to myself. Wink.

It's not that I am surprised as much as I am disappointed in some of the decisions my daughters make. I trust them to make good decisions and I believe they do. I know TEENAGERS go through phases and on the scale of what they could be doing I think they could make better choices for themselves, but overall, I am still proud of them. They are wonderful children and we are a close family. I also feel like the situations are made to look worse on camera than they truly are. Raquel is now doing some modeling for and Alexa has taken the initiative to help me design next season's jewelry line, and has added new teen designs for the line. She is putting together an online store for us The girls are great, fabulous girls. I love them and that perspective will never change.

We are thrilled to be on the show and love doing it, and we're having a ton of fun, but I do have to say, you could never know just how hard it is to watch your own life on TV. We definitely did not expect what was filmed to turn out like it did. It's funny how everyone's perception of the same situation or day can be so different. Every person I know who watches the show has a different opinion of the episode. It is crazy, but a lot of fun.

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