Heating Up Fast

Heating Up Fast

Tamra Barney explains why it's good to be back for the fourth season!

I want to start off by saying it is SO NICE to be back. I hope you enjoyed the first episode and getting reacquainted with all the families. Tonight's episode was pretty mellow, but hold on 'cause I have a feeling it is going to heat up real fast!

My parents divorced 15 years ago and my Mom really has never recovered. She was so crushed by her divorce from my father after 26 years of marriage that she simply doesn't have the confidence to date, or maybe she is afraid to get hurt again. My Mom has always been the person who takes care of everyone but herself. She works 10-12 hour days and never has time for herself. She had expressed to me that she wanted a face lift, but didn't know if she deserved it. With everything she has gone through, she absolutely deserves it. I know plastic surgery is not for everyone, but I am a true believer that if you do it for the right reason, it is totally justified. So I secretly made an appointment with Dr. Ambe and took her down there to see what he had to say. Boy was she surprised! As the season goes on you will see what she decides to do. Oh by the way, thanks Mom for saying "my face should fall off soon from all the sun I have had." All I can say is, now you know where my mouth comes from.

So, next thing I know I was getting my lips done. OMG. OUCH! All the girls in the office have these amazing puckers, so I decided to try it (I will try almost anything once). I will be honest with you, the procedure did hurt a little, or a maybe a lot. Juvederm is what I had injected and I would have to say I was elated with the results that lasted six months. The trick is to make sure you don't over do it.

Ryan only lasted about six months living at home. It was enough time for him to get back on his feet and move into his own place - after a little kick in his a$$. Ryan had moved out originally when he was 18 and moved back into the house at 21. I think I had to move back into my parents' house three or four times before I got it together. So I don't think he is doing too bad. Last season was very therapeutic for the whole family, especially for Ryan. It really helped Ryan and Simon's relationship and taught me to let go of Ryan a little. Ryan is still trying to figure out what he wants to do in life. I have faith in him and I'm sure he will figure out where his place is in the world.

It was great fun having clothes brought into Jeana's house and being able to shop with the ladies. But I want to clear some things up about that night. I was not being a clothes hog like it looked. While everyone was eating, Lauri was shopping. I was simply telling her it that wasn't fair for her to get all the good stuff while we were eating. Boy, they really can twist things! Everyone knows I was joking when I said Vicki has been jealous of me my whole life, especially since I have only known her for one year. Vic was having a problem with the animal prints and every time I tired something on she told me she hated it. So when Gretchen told me she liked it, I popped off to Vic. Sorry Vic - you know I love you.

What the hell was I thinking posing like that every time I put a dress on? Note to self - Don't pose like that anymore. It isn't cute! How many times did they focus on my boobs? I swear they were using a magnifying lens. YES, they are smaller, two full sizes smaller to be exact. So when Jeana said I went back in and had them made bigger, she was WRONG.

So I'm not the new girl anymore! My first impression of Gretchen was she looked like she could be a beauty queen. She is the most put together girl I know - not a hair out of place or a broken nail in sight. I bet her underwear even matches her outfit. But what I didn't know was Gretchen was dealing with some pretty heavy issues that most people will never deal with in a lifetime. Sorry Gretchen for the smart-ass comments, you will learn it is how I show my love. I will leave it at that for now, you will soon see the ups and downs of our friendship in the upcoming episodes.

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