Vicki Gunvalson explains why it was hard for her and Donn to watch this week's episode.

I LOVED having Lauren stay at our home this past summer. Lauren and Briana have become like sisters, because each of them do not have a sister, so it's nice to see them have one another. Lauren helps so much with Brody and is always willing to help around the house with chores or cooking. She is a blessing to Mike and she fits into our family perfectly. I miss Lauren and Mike and I am looking forward to having them both home for the holidays.

I know how difficult it is to film this show, to expose every area of your life and to raise a healthy family. I complete support Lauri's decision not to do the show any longer. I'm sure she will miss it, but I know her life is fulfilled now and she most likely doesn't have time for it any longer. We will miss her tremendously.

I don't know Lynne very well. We only filmed a few times together, so I can't really comment too much on her. She seems very nice and I am sure will adapt and fit in very well.

The episode this week was EXTREMELY difficult for Donn and I to watch and we didn't like it at all. The editing was done for the wow factor and in my sit down interview, I explained all the wonderful things Donn does for me, however when they edited this episode to make it look like I say he does nothing. It was incorrect editing and very hurtful to Donn. We had a difficult summer because of the stress of filming, travel schedules, work and the house being busy with 3 dogs which put a lot of demands on us and it ended up coming out on camera. All relationships have "seasons" that they go through, and this was our season this year. We believe it's how you handle those seasons when they occur which either pulls you together or pulls you apart. I have a terrific husband whom I love very much and apologized to him on how awful things were for him this episode 3. It makes me want to pull the wool over my head and become a much more private person.

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