Home Away from Home

Home Away from Home

vicki Gunvalson shares details on her trip with Jeana to the Windy City.

Well the season is winding down and there's only a few more weeks left. Jeana and I are really focused on losing weight this year, and I'm proud of her that she is finally taking care of herself and making herself a priority in 2009. I think this is going to be "her year"!  The Duzoxin is working great for both of us, and between that supplement and our 6am workouts with Gabe — it's already making a difference.


I had a great time visiting my friends in family in Chicago this past summer. It's always good to reconnect with my friends who knew me before the show and continue to support and love me. I don't know if they are "different" from my Orange County friends, I just think I'm so much closer with them because of our history. I lived in Chicago until I was 32, so it's hard to replace any of them here. I also have some healthy relationships with great friends here in Orange County, so I feel the more close friends you have, the better off you are.


There are definitely times when I wished I lived back there, but it would be hard to handle the weather in Chicago during the winter months. I love living in Southern California and having a 20 degree temperature swing instead of a 100 degree. I am hopeful that my family starts migrating this way — that would be awesome. Come on Billy and Ann — we want you to move here!

I think Shane was upset that Jeana and I showed up at his game because he didn't know at first if he was going to be starting or not. I think he really wanted to impress his mom, and got upset thinking he wasn't going to play. Once he found out they were going to be playing him, he was happy and things were fine between them. It's very obvious Shane loves his mother and still wants her to be proud of him. Jeana handles it much better than I would, if my kids spoke to me the way her kids do. I think I would break down and cry.


I hope Shane realizes after watching the show, that the words he said to his mother were mean and that maybe he will try to improve his attitude towards Jeana and not be so mean to her. I think it will.

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