Many Blessings!

Many Blessings!

Vicki Gunvalson tries to avoid conflict, but she explains what set her off at dinner with the cast.

My relationship with Briana is the best I could ask for. She is extremely smart and extremely passionate about her career path that she has taken into nursing. Briana knows when to work hard, and when to play hard. She definitely knows how to stand up for herself when she needs to and is very compassionate.

I don't think Lynn had trouble fitting into the group, however when we filmed this episode with her, we were unaware we were getting a "new housewife" and we taken off guard a little bit. When meeting her for the first time when we all went to dinner, I found it very odd that she was trying to control the conversation and inform us on what we could talk about. I didn't like it, but we all got over it.

I absolutely tried to stay out of the argument between Tamra and Gretchen at dinner, because I have already been in too many arguments this year. I do not like conflict, even though it looks like I do — I actually try to avoid conflict at all costs. It would be hard for me to go out and party and vacation if my fiance or husband was sick in the hospital. It just didn't seem right. Lynne had NO right tell me to "chillax" (whatever that means). No one is in my shoes and no one should judge how hard I work or why I do it. My passion for my business is the reason why I am successful and it's hard for people I've just met to respect that. I just redesigned my website which has been a lot of work and I am very proud of it. Go towww.vickigunvalson.comfor more information on what I do.

Happy New Year everyone and many blessings to you and your family.

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