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Time to Say So Long

For the fourth season finale, Vicki Gunvalson reveals what she's learned about herself this season.

By Vicki Gunvalson

I was somewhat shocked when Briana came into my office to tell me that she wanted to join the Army. In one aspect I was tremendously proud of her, but on the other hand, I was concerned for her safety. I didn't want her to be exposed to the war and to what she would be seeing as an Army nurse. I still look at her as my "little girl," even though she's all grown up. It was hard to think of her going away for 4 years or more. The bottom line is that I will support any decision Briana makes, as she always makes me proud, and we have a great relationship.

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At the closing credits, the viewers will see that Briana has decided to hold off on signing the final papers to enter into the Army. Ironically, Briana made this decision on her own, and I didn't have any influence on her choice whatsoever. I think she started looking at the commitment, moving away and felt she was rushing into it too quickly. She still has the option to do it, but at this time it's on hold, which is fine with me.

The bottom line is that I will support any decision Briana makes, as she always makes me proud, and we have a great relationship.

It was so ironic that I finally had the opportunity this past year to buy myself a Rolex, and then last month I was awarded a Rolex for being one of the top agents in my organization. Either way, both watches were earned with hard work and dedication, and now I have 2 of them and wear them both proudly. Every time I look down, it reminds me of the benefits of the fruits of my labor and the hard work that has gotten me there. They definitely were not handed to me. I think you appreciate it more when you actually work for something.

I don't know what to think of Gretchen and Jeff's relationship. All I do know is that there is a lot of information surfacing concerning the validity of their relationship, and truthfully I don't want to get involved in Gretchen's personal business. But I can't believe it's just a coincidence that very soon after Jeff died, another man moved into her home. I never really got close to Gretchen or Lynne other than filming, so I guess I have to say it is her business what she chooses to do.I would hate to find out that it all been a lie or fabricated, when the rest of us were fully dedicated to putting our lives out there, and have been for 4 years without anything pre-scripted.

The end of the season party was a beautiful event at The Cliff in Laguna Beach. I just loved being at the ocean with the warm sun and all the pretty people. It was great seeing Kimberly and old faces from the past seasons. It reminds me how long the show has been going on, and how much time has passed with all of us and the friends we have acquired during these past 4 years.

I would hate to find out that it all been a lie or fabricated...

What I have learned about myself during this past season and other seasons is that I need to be OK with who I am and not let the negativity suck me in. With every negative comment on the website and Internet, there are 3 or 4 positive ones, and those are the ones I choose to read. People really tend to be very mean when they blog or write about us, and it can be very hurtful. Some people have said things that are very mean, and the viewers need to remember this is a TV show and they don’t really know our hearts. I am blessed to have an amazing family and good health, which is the most important thing there is. I am blessed to have an amazing career at Coto Insurance and I have been told I have influenced people on how to get into the insurance business successfully and that I have changed their lives.

Our next L.I.F.E. with Vicki cruise is set to sail March 19th out of Florida, and it should be a lot of fun. Jeana and I are still going to the gym and taking the weight loss supplement Duzoxin, which is really helping both of us to stay focused.

I will miss this season and all the fun it has brought to my life. And, as the song goes,

"I'm so glad we had this time together,
Just to have a laugh, and sing a song.
Seems we just got started and before we knew it,
Came the time we had to say, 'So long.'"

Vicki Gunvalson

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