Back Off!

Back Off!

Alexis talks about her tiff with one of Gretchen's party guests, and being caught in between feuding 'Housewives'!


Hello everyone! I feel it's important to start this week by addressing some of the questions that are reoccurring weekly. The first question I am asked frequently is, "What type of Church is Free Chapel?" Our church, Free Chapel OC, is a non-denominational Christian church. You are correct to think that our church is not traditional and not rigid. Free Chapel is such a great fit for my family for many reasons. #1. Pastor Jentzen is so genuine. You cannot fake genuineness. #2. It is a contemporary church. #3. I have fun at every service and STILL receive a huge word from the LORD. One thing I know is that God has a sense of humor and does not mind if you laugh while you are learning about him.

Another question I am often asked is where that orange dress came from that I wore in Florida. Well, all I am going to say about the orange dress is... There is a huge surprise coming soon. You will just have to wait and see!

This week you see my reaction when I discovered Tamra would not be attending Gretchen's Tupperware party because of the blog Gretchen has posted on her website. I have a motto that I live by and that is: Go by your own experiences with each person, and not by another person's experience. This may not be the easiest road to take, but I truly cannot side with either woman. I was not present last year when everything went down, and I cannot, for one minute, act as though I'm able to keep all the facts straight. All I can do is listen to both sides of Tamra and Gretchen's argument, and go by my own experiences with each of them. So with that said, I truly was completely shocked to learn Gretchen had a blog up about Tamra at a time I thought they were 'burying the hatchet.' However, after being friends with both of these girls for nine months now, I am very aware that they both have GOOD POINTS. One thing I have learned is that I need to let Gretchen and Tamra hash out their own differences. When I read the blog on Gretchen's website, I realized that it really is factual. There is not bad-mouthing or name-calling, it is simply stating the facts of what Gretchen feels has occurred. Now with that said, I also know Tamra has some valid points about what she feels has occurred. So it's best for me to STOP trying to make peace between two adult women, and simply let them work it out...or not! All I know is that I love them both and they are both freaking funny!


Along the topic of Gretchen's Tupperware party, WHAT IN THE HECK happened with the girl, Mel, and my hubbie? Well, to be completely frank about it, she got a little too close for comfort ... a few too many times. As any person who knows me will tell you, I am not the type of person to overreact about ANYTHING. In fact, it's probably more the opposite. I will let someone walk on me three times before I address the issue, or I will allow a girl to hit on my husband three times before I put her in her place. I do feel there is a time when a wife may need to jump in and say, "Look, back off a little, I know my husband's hot, and I do not mind if you chat, but stay out of his space." I personally witnessed Jim walking away from her two times, at which point I went up to him and said, "Hey, are you alright?" This is all after the fact that I walked outside an hour prior to find her leaning on his chair, when there was only him and two other people on the entire patio. He was uncomfortably leaning to the COMPLETE OTHER SIDE of his chair to get away from her. Come on, I do not think it is inappropriate for women to talk to men, or vice-versa. I simply respect personal space, and I expect the same from others. If she was innocent, I do not feel she would have reacted so defensively.

Now let's end on a positive note! The races with Slade and Gretchen were a flipping blast! Unfortunately, I had a stomach ache the entire next day from all of the laughing the four of us did all day, but it was so worth it! I didn't need to do sit ups for a week! Jim and I get along with those two really well, and it seems like the time just flies by...even when it's a twelve hour trip to the Del Mar races! There is no jealousy, no competing, no petty comments. It's just four friends who really care about one another wanting to laugh and have fun!

Here's a thought for the day to end on. Laughing is said to add years to your life if you do it regularly. So why don't we put as much emphasis on making our families laugh as we do on making money? Life is too short. After writing this, I am adding one more New Year's resolution - to laugh more with my husband and children. It's so simple, and free...

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