No More Drama!

No More Drama!

Alexis talks about her showdown with Vicki at Lynne's dinner party.


Boy oh boy, do I have a lot to say this week. In my 33 years of age, I have learned one huge lesson: To do my best to go by my own experiences with people, and to try my best not to gossip, so please indulge me for a few paragraphs as I share my experiences for the past few months with Vicki, all of which I have already discussed with her at the reunion show.

To say Lynne's party was full of drama is an understatement! I felt bad for Lynne and Frank that evening. They are such a sweet couple, and their party was beautiful! I swear it seems like we can never get all five of us girls together without drama!

It does not surprise me that Vicki pretended to fall asleep during my story, and no one else's story. It simply made her dislike for me more evident. I have never done one thing to this lady; it's about survival at this point because I would get eaten alive if I sat back and let her continue to treat me the way she does. Vicki claims that my story was too long and too detailed. Well, excuse me, it was a story. Don't stories have details? Not to mention that EVERY SINGLE ONE of us went around the table and told detailed stories about how we met our significant other, including Vicki and Donn. Up to this point, I was under the impression that we were all casual friends, in which case friends enjoy hearing details about other friends. However, several hurtful things had transpired between Vicki and I prior to her 'snoring joke,' and that was the final straw. It was obvious we weren't friends once her and Donn's snoring continued past the point of being funny to being obnoxious and cruel. Let me explain, a joke is funny (and a joke) IF: #1 It is a friend who is making the joke, and #2 Their heart is in the right place when making the joke, neither of which was the case in this situation. What ever happened to Vicki "taking the high road" this season? Hahaha. That makes me chuckle. Let's take a look at Vicki's behavior at Lynne's party. Within the matter of ONE HOUR, Vicki:

*Got into a fight with Simon.
*Called all of us "stupid people" under her breath.
*Snored during my story.
*Said, "Alexis definitely wants all eyes on her."
*Said, "This new group of chaos I don't want to be around it."
*Insinuated her and Donn were the only 2 people that worked in our group.


If this all occurred in one hour, I would hate to see what occurs in an entire day with Vicki. The saddest part about it for me is that months ago, at the very beginning of summer, Vicki and I had a discussion at one of our photo shoots where Vicki said to me, "I really hate all the negativity and all the drama..." I looked Vicki in the eyes and said to her, "I promise I will not talk about you. Not on camera or behind your back because I hate the negative and drama, too." Vicki agreed, "I won't either." Well, I kept my end of the deal. In fact, I do not talk about ANY of the girls. If I have a problem, I go directly to them. I do not feel it is necessary to name-call or gossip behind someones back. If you have something to say, by all means, go TO the person! Vicki, on the other hand has bashed me all season, and trust me, it only gets worse from here. She does not treat people the way I treat people, and I WILL NOT allow her to walk on me. If she is going to dish it out, she better be able to take it, because this girl here will give it right back once you cross the line. She thought she was dealing with a dumb stay-at-home mom when in fact she was dealing with a degreed stay-at-home-mom (with a part time career now!) If you question who I am, or the fact that I do not bash people to make a point, please go to and watch the current video clip called "It's Just Good Manners." I stayed true to my goal this season, and despite all the petty name-calling and bashing that occurred on my behalf, I truly did not talk about these girls. They are my friends (with the exception of one), and I will not allow this show to change the way I handle my friendships.

On to a brighter, happier topic. The two day getaway Jim and I took to Palm Desert was UNBELIEVABLE. We needed that time to reconnect, and we definitely did! We stayed up late talking, we laughed the entire trip, we had fabulous dinners both nights, we got massages, we laid by the poo l... It really couldn't have been any better. Our traveling has pretty much ceased since the children. Well, actually we travelled everywhere with James. He's been to Mexico, Oregon, Hawaii five times, Las Vegas six times, Missouri three times. Needless to say, our family has only been on one vacation to Palm Desert since the girls were born. You could say I became a little intimidated to travel once I had the twins. The thought of flying somewhere with three kids under three makes my heart race and my palms sweat! But I have promised my husband that this summer we will take a real family vacation! It should be quite comical! (Ugh, I need a glass of wine just thinking about it!)

On a serious note, many of you are responding to us about Simon. Jim talks to Simon several times a day, and he attends church with us regularly. Please continue to pray for Simon and Tamra during this difficult time.

Many of you have asked questions and I answer them daily on my Facebook fan page Please follow the link and I would be happy to answer of them!

Jim and I own a boutique hotel called "In Vogue" in Laguna Beach, so if you are interested in visiting us here in Southern California, you must come stay with us! In Vogue is walking distance from downtown Laguna, and directly across from the beach! Visit us at!

Take care!

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