Too Revealing?

Too Revealing?

Alexis talks about the racy lingerie party, meeting Vicki, and her favorite Jeana moment from the series.


I was most intimidated to meet Vicki because I had been told she was a "hard person to get to know." I was afraid she would give me the cold shoulder, or ignore me. However, I was completely shocked! Vicki was nice from the beginning, shook my hand, and carried on a conversation with Jim and me.

The lingerie party was so much fun! Lots of beautiful lingerie, champagne and plenty of entertainment that night! The girls were having a blast. It's not for me to judge if anyone was 'too revealing' that night; but for me, there is a time and a place for lingerie, and that was not the time nor the place.

Regardless of what she may have said in her interview, Tamra is my friend and I do not believe she is jealous of me in any way.

I'm sad Jeana's leaving, it's always emotional to say goodbyes. Jeana needs to do what's best for her and her family and I wish her nothing but the best. My favorite Jeana moment was her road trip taking her daughter to school! It cracked me up how they fought about driving, and I can see myself going through that with one of my daughters!

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