Back on Track

Back on Track

Jeana talks about being a survivor, Gretchen and Tamra's conflict, and more!


My economic situation was short term - real estate tanked and no one bought high-end homes from me. My fellow housewives have, for the most part, been pretty understanding and very supportive, as we are all dealing with the same issues. We have been honest about our situations so that people can learn about loan mod’s and short sales, and how to pick yourself up and get more jobs. My advice? Step outside the box. I was a person who couldn’t order a pizza as a child it was always, “You do it!" to my older brothers. I have taken toastmaster type classes with Chaz Bradley, my favorite chef and former motivational speaker with Tony Robbins, I am once again working closely with Duzoxin for weight management, and we are developing a line for major league baseball with my pro baseball player son, Shane. Pro sports have really strict guidelines for protein drinks. I am a spokesperson for Smooth Shapes for cellulite. The secret to sales is to find things you believe in and sell them. When I saw Dr Grant Steven’s picture in the United Airlines magazine talking about what a great product Smooth Shapes was for non-invasive cellulite work, I called him immediately. The rest is history, I am happy with my legs again, and I loved the product so much I now am one of the spokespeople for it.

All of us have been hurt with this economy; the men that have jobs are worried about job security, Vicki and I have had renters lose their jobs and have had renters in and out of our rental units. Reinvent yourself, get off your butt and get a job. I have no sympathy for people crying that aren’t working, or braggarts who say they have the only business untouched by the recession. It isn’t true baby - all have been hurt unless you own a pawnshop or you're a repo man. I love my repo man! He wanted to take one of my cars when I was behind, and we have formed a very funny friendship.

I am working hard to get everything back on track, knowing someday I will look back and laugh. My true friends have come out of the woodwork to help and be a part of the recovery process. We are all helping each other with referrals and even taking in friends for months at a time until they get on their feet. Colton never knows who he will run into in my kitchen and has given up thinking we are being robbed. Now it's, "Hi, I am Colton, you must be a friend of my mom's."



Kara is ecstatic at UCLA, she appreciates her school and works really hard. She's enrolled in 18 units, spends 16 hours a week at her internship, participates in a sorority, and works as a server in her free time. She realizes all the growth she had at Berkeley, and says she wouldn't take back her time there for anything. According to her, God guided her life to Berkeley to open her mind to things she might not have otherwise experienced or been exposed to. My daughter has turned into a little feminist!

Gretchen and Tamra's conflict makes Kara uncomfortable. She enjoys each of the women independently. She admires Tamra for her big personality, loyalty, and her commitment to her family and husband. She enjoys Gretchen's constant joyfulness and her strength through Jeff's death. And Kara feels that Gretchen's business is Gretchen's business regarding Jay.... but she understands Tamra's anger as well. Kara's very motherly, and she felt sorry for Gretchen when all those pictures came out online. Kara's a lot like me in that she always defends the underdog, and it's pretty conflicting for her because she really likes Tamra too.

Vicki is Vicki. I worry about her - she seems to be over-stressed with all she has taken on. I delegate, she is a controller. We are both writing memoirs/autobiographies, which is a ton of work and great therapy. No wonder I am messed up!

It Is hard for a parent to judge another parent’s work with their children. All we can do is offer advice, if asked, and with me sometimes you don’t even have to ask! Lynne seems to be doing a better job with her girls - they are working and adjusting to life on a budget. She shouldn’t be their friend - she is the Mom. My children are not my friends. I love them, but they need to be responsible for their words and actions.

If you want to hear more about my work and keep in touch with what is going on in my life outside of the show, come say hi and check out my personal blog at!

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