Get Off the Train

Get Off the Train

Jeana shares some advice for Vicki.


I hope everyone is having a fabulous time watching the last few episodes before we turn it over to New York Housewives. The Reunion show should be spicy, I only saw a little of it while I was waiting for my turn to be grilled. I was a part-time cast member so I didn’t have that much to talk about, but boy oh boy, I was a happy girl to be out of the fireworks!

In this week episode I thought my scene with Vicki was cute, and truthful. The little devil in me was a little happy that she missed me, but really felt bad that she didn’t enjoy being on the show this year. When it stops being fun, get off the train. I did.

I had a difficult Valentine’s week -- it started off sad breaking up with someone I cared about right before the most romantic holiday. I love Valentine's Day more then Christmas! I have decided one man can’t be everything to me, after years without a real life, I want it all. I am trying the let's date 3 and see if it is better. So far so good. Kara has decided I am too needy and she is giving me great advice on dating. I forgot how, and as I am type A personality and want everything immediately, it is going to take some time. No more rebound romances for me -- this time my eyes are wide open. I have my lovely girlfriends, and amazing male friends and I am in no hurry to commit again. I am speaking to women's groups and working with troubled children. My house sales are picking up, and I have quite a few friends staying with me while they decide there next location. Life is good. I am traveling a lot so it is wonderful to have people around for Colton. I think it is hard being the last child left at home. I have put my house up for sale, it will be to big when Colty leaves, but I change my mind everyday. A lot of my friends and clients have lost there jobs. I hope Obama gets this thing turned around soon. There is no job security right now. We are all self-employed and have to focus on networking constantly. It is the only way to get ahead in these uncertain times. I have a team of net workers, from my days in Le Tip that constantly provide me with leads, and I reciprocate. Now granted you can’t all have my visibility, being on a reality show takes a household name to a new level. Being on The Real Housewives of Orange County has made me known throughout the world, and I am grateful for that. You can’t put a price on that sort of publicity. I love that everywhere I go, people know me. I was on a date the other night with a gentleman who had no idea what The Real Housewives of OC was, and he noticed people pointing their cell phones at me and shooting pictures. When I explained why, he went home and Googled me and called me and said there were 683,000 things written about me. Kind of a strange way to get to know someone!

I had a fun week this week, I got to speak at a conference for Pepsi Bottling's newly formed women’s group. What a wonderful experience and great for networking. I spoke on Networking, remember Vicki and I started Le Tip of Coto de Caza, five years ago. We won the rookie of the year status with all our enthusiasm and how quickly we built a very profitable group. I loved every minute of it until we got so busy we had to step down from the board and refocus on staying sane. Networking is a wonderful way to meet people and connect for business. I also got to go on The Doctor’s, it aired this week, with Eleme Smooth Shapes. The anti cellulite laser treatment that I am spokesperson for. This week we also were on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, hope you caught it, but if not you can catch it on the web.

I reconnected with Beth Bohn, my agent who had left APA to strike out on her own. I was very happy to hear she is doing well and I am setting up an appointment to see her new space. I also just realized my agency is expired, so great networking on Beth’s side, by calling all her old contacts. That is how networking works. Stay connected, use both old and new relationships, and ask for the business. Tom Ferry, my personal business mentor, taught me a lot about public speaking, I think everyone should take toastmaster, or Tony Robbins’s. Why not focus on being the best we can be for 2010.

This week, get to the gym, put down the fork and chase your man around the bedroom, it will make your relationship better and you'll get some exercise. No more lunch dates, meet in the bedroom instead! Mix it up, keep it interesting - food optional. Can you tell I am enjoying being single?

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