Real Housewife of NYC Jill Zarin talks Lynne's financial troubles and has a new job opportunity for Alexis.


I haven't written in a few weeks so I have a few things to say regarding last week's episode.

How in the world were cameras there at the same time an eviction notice was served? Holy crap. How embarrassing?? It was very uncomfortable to watch but sadly more common now with foreclosures at their highest levels. Lynne seemed out of it. It was strange. Her voice seems to change from her interviews to the scenes. Where are you Lynne? You haven't blogged all season. Nor have your children. I was hoping they would use the blogs to defend you and show some remorse for their behavior (though typical for many teenagers).

I cannot tell you how shocked I was to hear you could be evicted for not paying the security deposit. The second shock came when Lynne said it was for $10,000! This is the third gorgeous home they have lived in since she joined the show. On top of that, didn't they buy their daughter a new car last season? Did she and her daughter have expensive plastic surgery this season? She talked about how successful her cuff line was. Frank said he couldn't pay the deposit "on time." If he paid it now, they would let them stay I am sure. Lynne earns money on the RHOC and with her cuff business, so where is the money? It isn't paying for college is it? Why aren't the kids in school? Why don't they work? Why? Why? Why? Please Lynne, come on the blogs! Frank is not the only one suffering, but why are they living above their means. Frank is wrong not to share their financial situation with his wife. But Lynne, your kids DO NOT deserve ANY explanation from your sweet husband who is trying to make you and the girls happy. You need to tell them to go to work and STOP putting demands on you for "stuff" until things get better. Talk to Vicki, she can help you. You need a serious financial intervention.

Now...onto episode 14.

Everyone at the crazy lunch needed to take it down a notch. Obviously this was a 4-minute excerpt of a 30-minute conversation, but I think we heard enough. At least I heard enough from Alexis. Seriously, why do you have such a strong opinion about someone you just met (and on a TV show yet.) Tamra, on the other hand, is another story. I thought they met through the TV show, and that's how they became friends. True friends? Only time will tell. They both love to have their "day in court" and I relate to the "you can dish it but you can't take it" story. No one is more sensitive than me! Where Vicki and I would react differently, she wouldn't listen. Maybe they were saying something she could learn from. I think Alexis had something important to tell her. She needed to tell Vicki that Vicki hurt her feelings. Vicki needed to listen. Period. I really miss Jeana right now, don't you? Lauri where are you? At least that group had deeper relationships that were somewhat real. Lauri REALLY worked for Vicki before Season 1. Jeana and Vicki were neighbors. Not one relationship here is real anymore. Gretchen, I do adore you and saw you trying to make peace. Two comments about the prayer circle. Alexis loves to hear herself talk and her next "job" should be the hottest female Pastor in the OC. (Great name for a TV show!)


As for Tamra and Simon, it is obvious now what they were going through. I will not comment on what I saw. They have been through enough.

Gretchen's Road Trip. Did anyone know you could rent out Merv Griffin's estate? Can someone tell me how to do that? Gretchen, listen to your mother. She has been married for over 30 years (and sure doesn't look it by the way, and your Dad, what a body on the that bike!) and you need to listen to her. She sees what you don't. I talk about a similar situation I had with an old boyfriend in my new book and had I listened to myself instead of Gloria, it would have been the biggest mistake of my life.

As for Alexis' surf and turf dinner, does it matter what surf and turf means? The real issue here is that a husband SHOULD NEVER publicly humiliate his wife, especially in public and on national TV. Period.

Alexis is guilty of having "no filter" like many of the housewives on Bravo (including my self sometimes) and it was nice to see she wants to make herself a better person and has a Pastor in her life to give her guidance.

Back to Merv Griffin's pad...did anyone tell Gretchen not to drink on camera after what happened last year at Tamra's house? She was naked wasted again! Some people think it is a "truth serum." So when she said she thought some relationships should be for "lease," it makes you want to say "HUH?" Gretchen, don't get into another marriage so fast. Listen to your mom!

Lynne and her daughter confronting Frank has to be the hardest scene I have ever watched since the series began. How could Frank invite the cameras into such an embarrassing situation? Why are they splitting up over this? Out of all the OC couples, they were always the most in love. Let's all take a vote. Who do you think spends 95% of the money they have? Frank or Lynne? Men are simple creatures who could live in a studio apartment with a few shirts and pants and be happy. Most of what they have needed over the years was for Lynne and the girls. I am not saying that is a bad thing, but if expenses need to be cut, they have to come from the person who is SPENDING! Even if Frank didn't tell Lynne exactly what was going on, you would think based on the fact they they've been moving every six months would be a hint that there were financial issues. Frank, this is not the time to be weak. It might make you feel better saying, "I am not perfect and I make mistakes," but save that for when you are resettled in your new home. Your wife and daughter need to hear, "I have a job, I have a plan, we will get out of this. " Frank was delusional when he offered them a family vacation. What is wrong with this family? Where is all the money Lynne has made from working on the show? How about the money from her cuff line? All I could look at was the designer handbag she hasn't sold yet! Take all your SHIT and sell it today! Whatever you have to do to put a roof over their head, food in their mouth and school! school! school! Get three jobs. Do whatever you have to do. PLEASE CALL GLORIA. You need some good advice. You both come from a good place and love your children, but you need some skills to handle this situation.


The Real Housewives of New York City returns in two weeks and I know I will be in the hot seat then! OUCH! Our new book, Secrets of a Jewish Mother is coming out April 15th. My goal is to make the NYT Bestseller list so I can frame it and give it to Gloria for Mother's Day. NOTHING would make her happier. You can preorder copies now anywhere online and be the first to read it! I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks.

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