Downright Dirty Fun!

Downright Dirty Fun!

Tamra talks about the Florida trip, her friendship with Vicki, and her holiday plans!


Welcome to Florida, don't mind the alligators, wild boars or small flying animals that they call bugs and get use to sweating. With that said, I am ready to move there! I loved it, probably one of the most exciting trips we have been on.

OK, so the guys went ... get over it! The girls spent so much time together the only thing left was sleeping together and that wasn't going to happen! The guys going all started with Simon, Jim Alexis, and I talking. As married couples with small kids it is very seldom that we take trips alone, together or apart. We thought it would be fun if the guys came and did guy things while the girls did their thing. So that is exactly what happened. The girls spent 80% of the time filming doing fabulous things; we even took a water taxi and went shopping downtown. The guys went golfing, worked out, and hung out by the pool. Everybody was happy ... or so I thought. The last night we were there we went on the sunset cruise after our shopping trip. We thought it would be nice to have the guys there. I didn't think for a second that Vicki would have a problem with it. I felt really bad when I saw how upset she was, but later found out that she had friends in town and went out to dinner with them. Despite what you saw, Lynne had a great time on the boat and was cracking us up with her imaginary Frank. We had wonderful food, great wine and conversation. The guys were even diving off the boat … too bad they didn't show that.

The most exciting part of the trip was Bubbba and Billie's Swamp Safari. What a trip that was! Starting with the helicopter ride over there. I sat in front and was pretty much speechless. Getting on the buggie and going through the swamp was a blast. The girls were screaming and yelling and laughing the whole time. Gretchen and I really seemed to be getting along, it was so nice to put the past behind us. I was a little worried about Lynne, I know Dr. Ambe ( was NOT to thrilled that she was in Florida and I told him I would make sure she followed his rules. By the end of the buggie ride she was looking a little tired and swollen so she went to lie down while we blew around on an airboat feeding alligators and wild boar. Now that was some downright dirty fun, I say that because we came back with mud all over us.

My talk with Vicki at Bliss was difficult. I care about Vicki and I don't want her to be upset. I also do NOT want to get in the middle of her and Simon's argument. I have voiced my opinion to both of them. Vicki is not only my friend but Simon's too. We did a lot of things together as a family and all that has changed over one stupid fight. After La Perla, the three of us went to dinner and Vicki and Simon got into a bit of an argument (off camera). I think they are both strong, opinionated people and like things done a certain way. With that said, you can imagine how they butt heads. I think Vicki thinks I am too dependent on Simon and Simon thinks I'm influenced by Vicki.

I am an old fashion girl in a lot of ways and allow my husband to take care of most of the household decisions. Vicki owns her own company and is very career driven. I am very inspired by her motivation. We are on different roads of life. My kids are young and take up most of my time. I won't go into what their argument was about, I just hope one day we can put it all behind us.

I can't believe next week is Christmas already. You can feel the excitement in the air at our house. The kids are begging to open up just one present. All three of them have holiday parties tomorrow in their classrooms, and then they're out of school until the New Year. This will probably be our last Christmas in our house and I am determined to cherish every minute of it. My father is out from Iowa and staying with us. I am hoping to have my whole family over this weekend for a holiday feast and gift exchange while my dad is in town.

We have been invited to go to Las Vegas for New Years but not sure if we are going to go. We usually spend New Years at home with the kids, which is so much more rewarding and there is no crowd to deal with.

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and a safe New Year.
xoxo Tamra xoxo

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