Bloopers and Blunders

Bloopers and Blunders

Vicki talks about her romantic date with Donn and what she would have done if Gretchen tried to give her parenting tips.

This week's episode you will see Donn and I go on a date night, which actually turned out to be a comedy of errors with all the "bloopers and blunders" that happened. Either way, it was a lot of fun and we have really made attempts to make time for each other this year. I feel that is where we got off course the last few years and really became distant with each other due to not spending time with one another. I think a "date night" is so important in a marriage, because with lives being so busy as they are with most couples, it's good to have that one on one time with one another with undivided attention.

I was so surprised when Donn pulled the new diamond ring for me out of his pocket. I had NO idea that he bought me a new replacement ring. The ring that we initially bought when we were in St. Thomas actually turned out to not be the quality we were told it was and sent it back. I recommend anyone going to St. Thomas to buy diamonds, but be sure you know what you are doing before you purchase anything. Once again Barbara Parker Jewelers in Ladera Ranch took care of my "bling" like she always does.

Every time they all get together, all they do is fight anyway, so why would I rush to be with them? It's a complete waste of my time!
I decided to have a financial seminar in my office called "What I Wish I Knew When I graduated from College" regarding budgeting and finances. I feel that our 20-25-year-olds may be educated in college and high school, but they are not being taught the basic fundamentals of financing, credit scores, how to buy a house, how to save for retirement, how to live within your means, and how to pay bills on time. I decided to have it towards the end of our work day around 7 p.m. and ordered Italian dinner and got a few bottles of wine to have it be a relaxed environment. Briana had just gotten home from a 12-hour hospital workshift and I was proud of her to stop by my office to hear what I had to say. I didn't want the class to feel that I was lecturing them, but more importantly I wanted to show them how to do things that are important to your future success. Everyone really asked a lot of great questions, and now they want me to do this more often so they can invite their friends to it. Who knows — maybe that will be my next business venture! Visit my Web site for more information about my current business at

I heard what Gretchen said that I remind my cast members that "I have to work" too often, and to tell you the truth I really don't care what she thinks anymore. NONE of them have a job where they go to an office every day with staff and deadlines to meet. They expect me to drop everything all the time to go to Tupperware parties and cooking parties mid-day, and that's NOT my reality and therefore I won't participate in those things anymore. To me, it's NOT fun to be doing stupid things like that anymore.Every time they all get together, all they do is fight anyway, so why would I rush to be with them? It's a complete waste of my time!
When I heard Gretchen trying to tell Lynne how to raise her kids I was sick to my stomach.  Gretchen does not care about Lynn'es kids anymore that Lynne cares about Slade. She is trying to play the "good cop" when she has no business doing so. Gretchen barely knows Alexa, and I feel it is 100% wrong what she was trying to do. I know how much Lynne loves her daughters and she is trying to find the right way to get through to these 16-18 year-old years that they are in the best she knows how. Every child is different and every child needs to be raised and disciplined differently, and personally I think it's none of Gretchen's business to butt into Lynn'es family the way she has. If she ever tried to do that to my kids and me, it would NOT be a pretty site. Can you say "gloves are off" girl?!

I have been very fortunate on raising two very responsible and loving kids. It did not come without a lot of hard work and discipline. Mike and Briana did not have sleepovers when they were in high school and if they did it was at our home with one person only. I kept them both involved in sports or activities, made sure they did well in school, made college a requirement and not an option, and their curfew was based on the year they were in high school  9th grade -  9:00, 10th grade - 10:00, 11th grade - 11:00, and 12th grade (senior) 12 midnight. It worked out well for us and my kids both are college graduates, and responsible young adults. Maybe it was luck or maybe it was my strong discipline, but either way I'm a proud momma.

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