Hear from Vicki about Briana's blind date, Bunco, and her new book.


Welcome back to episode #4. I hope you all are enjoying the season so far. Time is flying by when we're having fun. This week you will see me introduce Briana to a son of a colleague of mine that we met in St. Thomas this summer. He came with his parents on the insurance convention and Donn and I were talking to him and thought, 'Wow, he'd be great for Briana.' He was from the Midwest, he had a great sense of humor, wasn't in a relationship, was very attractive and loved sports. I immediately called Briana from the bar, and they talked for a little bit and I asked him if he'd ever been to California. He said no, of course I asked if he would be up for meeting Briana.

I think initially it was a good idea to have Briana meet Chris, because she had said she wasn't meeting any nice guys lately. She talked to him for about a month before he came to visit, so I don't think it was that uncomfortable for either one of them. I think it was good for her to see that there are other boys out there other than Colby. Personally, I think Briana is still in love with Colby and I think it will take a lifetime to get over the love she had for him. She really loved him, and thought they were going to spend their life together. I think even 16 months later, she still is wondering what he's doing and how he's doing.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend Tamra's Bunco party because I was out of town on a business trip. It's very difficult for me to socialize during the week either during week nights because of my business. ( I currently have a staff of 8 full time employees at Coto Insurance and have over 700 agents in the field, I am on a radio show that talks about retirement planning and also see clients on a daily basis from 10-5. I enjoy my career so, so much that attending Bunco parties, tanning parties or cooking parties during the day isn't my "reality" and I've had to make the decision not to go to any of them.


I'm so excited to announce that my book is being released this week. It's called More than a Housewife ( and I believe is going to be one of the best selling books of 2010. Be sure you order yours and one for anyone that you think would like to read about how I've built my business and how I've been able to raise such great kids. It's an inspirational, motivational book on finding your true passion and inner talent and will be a great Holiday gift!

Happy Holidays to everyone. See you next week.

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