More Than A Housewife

More Than A Housewife

Vicki talks about the newest OC housewife, Alexis, and reflects on her friendship with Jeana.


Welcome back to episode #3. I am writing this from my hotel room in NYC as Jeana and I are here doing press for this season. It's always good to be back to the Big Apple. We were hoping to meet up with Jill Zarin tonight, but she was busy with her daughter, but ironically ran into Bobby's son at Nobu having dinner with his wife. Small world!

We will be on Dr. Phil and Watch What Happens Live on Thursday and also The Wendy Williams Show so try and tune in to watch both of them if you can.

This episode you meet our newest cast member Alexis. When I was told Jeana was going to be leaving and we would have a new member joining this season, I vowed to myself that I would welcome her with open arms. In the past I haven't been too welcoming as I usually was surprised and taken off guard that a new girl was joining our show without prior notice. This time, I was advised ahead of time which made it a lot easier. I don't know why Alexis was intimated or nervous about meeting me, the only thing I can contribute to it is that she had four years of watching me and already had a preconceived opinion of me. I however did not have the opportunity to meet her or know her prior to meeting her the first time at LaPerla, so I had no reason not to like her.

At the LaPerla lingerie party, I thought it was fun, however I wasn't aware the men were going to be there. I was just told to be at the mall around 4PM, but was not told spouses were invited. I was only told we were going to be shopping for lingerie, so it was very uncomfortable for me to have the men in our dressing rooms. Donn was at work, and I ended up just buying a bathing suit and heading out of there as soon as I could.


My friendship with Jeana was really tested the past few years. I mentioned on the show that I thought she was "toxic" to me and that I chose not to have her in my life any more. In hindsight, I should have not been so harsh. Some of the things she did were "toxic," not her. I chose to mix business with friendship, and have learned a big lesson from that. Once Donn and I make a decision to not have her being our realtor and just to have her being our neighbor/friend, it was much easier on all of us.

Now that a few months have passed, we have been able to put the hurt aside and spend some time together and we both have realized that we did not mean to hurt eachother and that we truly do care about one another. I choose to be more selective with my friends and relationships in my next 50 years, because I don't want to be around negative energy or people that don't have my best interest at heart. I guess that's what comes with age. I am hopeful that Jeana and I will remain friends and that we will continue to build more memories together. Having her as a part of my life for the past five years hasn't always been easy, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

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Thank you and see you next week!


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