Stirring Up Sadness

Stirring Up Sadness

Vicki discusses her daughter's illness, her showdown with Alexis, and more.


Well the weeks are flying by - only a few more episodes and then we will pass the baton onto NYC. I hope you are enjoying this season. To tell you the truth, the last few weeks have been difficult for me to watch. I lived the drama and the bickering once already and then to re-watch it only stirs up the sadness and emotion that I felt during those times. It's good to put them behind us. I don't live my life that way and don't have any conflicts in my "real reality," so it's definitely hard to watch "TV reality" with the other girls.

Well, this week you saw Briana tell me about her thyroid condition. I actually couldn't believe she was telling me that she had thyroid nodules. I wanted someone to pinch me and tell me it was just a nightmare. Briana hasn't actually felt right for a couple of years, and her thyroid condition is possibly the reason. She was able to get through her college and graduate, but used to tell me, "Mom, I just don't feel good." No one could ever find out what was wrong with her, until this recent diagnosis. We had the biopsy during the summer and it was benign (thank God) and the Dr. told her to come back in February to see if they have grown. Well unfortunately they have grown, and we will be praying for another benign biopsy next week. Please keep her in your prayers for me. She's my baby and I just want her to be healthy, isn't that every mother's wish? It definitely puts all of this "junk" that you see on TV in perspective when you are facing health issues. The disagreements with the women or arguing and challenging me all the time really doesn't matter to me anymore. I have an amazing career and great family and that's all that is important.

Going to San Francisco and seeing Tamra after Lynne's dinner night was good. Until watching last week's episode, I had NO idea that Tamra spoke so poorly of me at the dinner table after we left. I guess it's better off I didn't know about it, because it would have made the tension between us pretty bad on that trip. At least this way I was able to go and have a nice time with her without having my feelings being hurt. Even though I was upset with her comments to me while I was there about Simon, I knew she was doing what she had to do to keep peace in her marriage.


When I heard about Lynne's eviction the day after the house warming dinner party I couldn't believe it. I felt bad for them because I think they really liked where they lived, but as I assumed they were living beyond their means. When times are tough, you have to tighten your straps and NOT go and rent a big home in Laguna Beach like they did. You downsize and live within your means. I think they are learning the hard way ... but they are learning which is a good thing.

Alexis and I just don't seem to see eye to eye on ANYTHING and I had to say something about her continuous calls to her kids and Jim at the restaurant. I agree that from time to time you need to take a call, but her conversations were really monopolizing our dinner table talk. I thought after the first, second, or third call, she should have excused herself from the table and taken the calls outside in private. Alexis seems to think that we're interested in listening to her conversations with Jim about what she is wearing, what makeup she has on (jk) and what street the limo is on. She likes to put her iPhone on speaker so we all have to hear, which is what she did in the limo on the way to the restaurant. I find it very rude and so do others, they just won't say anything.

The reason why I asked Briana to join me in San Francisco is because I knew there was conflict at Lynne's and I thought if I brought Briana the girls would respect me enough NOT to cause problems with her there. I guess I was WRONG! Briana doesn't think I "fit in" with these girls anymore and after we got back she said how much the show has changed with Alexis on. That girl needs to GO! We used to really enjoy each other and always tried to back each other up, not Alexis - she's out for the jugular!


It was nice to see Gretchen be so compassionate with Briana when she heard about her diagnosis. Gretchen broke down crying because I think it brought back memories about Jeff and really missed him. Gretchen is a sweet girl, and actually that night when we got back to the hotel she knocked on our room and talked with Briana and I for a little bit. It was the first time I really felt Gretchen wasn't putting on a "show" and was very sincere and compassionate. I wish I could see more of that in her.

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Have a great week. Woo hoo!


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