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A Very Emotional Night

Alexis explains why she was so upset at Peggy's dinner.

By Alexis Bellino

Tornadoes in the south have devastated many lives. I am from Missouri and have lived through my share of tornadoes, and they are scary! My heart and prayers go out to all southern states and their families. Now is a time we all need to help rebuild.

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On a positive note, the royal wedding! Oh wow! I recorded it, so I was glued to the TV tonight. Kate is so beautiful, natural, warm, and has an effortless elegance. She will make an amazing princess in the footsteps of Princess Diana. Wow, wow, wow.

Now, on to the catty, non-princess like behavior of Orange County. This was an interesting episode to say the least! I mean geez, it is a mix between high school chaos, an emotional basket case (me!), backstabbing friends, spousal fights, floating fish, good food, and good wine. We should be so proud... Not!

Gretchen meeting Victor Paul and discussing her views on marrying Slade made me realize that I agree with her. I feel like Gretchen has a right to feel the way she does. Gretchen has been divorced before, so I'm sure that plays part in her emotions and always will. Also, she has worked very hard to be where she is and to keep a roof over her head, so I can understand the financial concern she has. She loves Slade, and that is obvious, so she should take her time and be 100% ready before getting married.

Next we see Tamra pick up Vicki for Peggy's dinner party. They sure didn't wait long to start making jabs at others. The first dig is making the statement that, "We finally have a friend who's husband actually works and has a job." Then they make fun of the fact that Slade helps with Gretchen's handbags and makeup. And? Did I miss something? My husband and I help each other, isn't that what people in love do for each other? I help Jim with our rental properties and bills, and Jim helps me with my ecommerce, my appearances, Alexis Couture, etc. I think it's awesome that Slade is so involved with Gretchen's businesses, and that Jim helps with mine. Who better than your spouse/significant other to help you? You can trust them the most, you know they have your best interest in mind, and you know they aren't going to screw you! Gretchen needs Slade's help right now, bottom line.

Moving into the limo ride now they make accusations that they don't know what Jim does for a living, yet he changes homes and cars all the time."Yes, it's called leasing a car, and it's called moving. Vicki can just ask her boyfriend, Brooks, what Jim does for a living because Brooks just had lunch with Jim and they discussed careers. How can Vicki not know what my husband does when her friend was going to rent one of our rental properties? Let me put my husband's career into layman's terms for Vicki and Tamra, since they are so interested to know about Jim's career, not that they deserve any explanation. My husband and I own many rental properties, large and small, that give us monthly income. We also own In Vogue, in Laguna Beach. Also, my husband sold his company which was the largest internet retailer of pool tables in the world. Vicki seems to think that unless you work fifteen hours a day, you cannot possibly work. Jim, however, works smart and not hard. Sure there are days he works fifteen hours, but those are seldom. We have a staff, and our marriage comes before working fifteen hour days. If either Vicki or Tamra would pick up the phone and call me, I could very easily answer any questions they may have. Instead, they choose to gossip and make accusations.

At Peggy's home, when Gretchen is the first to arrive, Peggy is disappointed that Slade didn't come. Here starts the pity party. People do have lives, and a dinner party is not the royal wedding, it's friends getting together to enjoy dinner. In my opinion, she should enjoy who did come instead of guilt tripping them about those who didn't.

When I arrive to the party, I notice how amazingly beautiful the table was set up! Peggy and Micah did such a great job, it was breathtaking. It's kind of a cute joke that Peggy's husband's nickname is Micah Stewart, because he's always had a gift for decorating.

Before I discuss my behavior that evening, it is important I make something very clear. Jim did not come to Peggy's dinner party, because he did not want to be with those women. I have to be honest, by the end of the evening I could understand why he didn't want to be with those women. Besides the fact that Jim has that right. He can choose what he wants to do. This is not the Househusbands of Orange County, it's the Housewives of Orange County.

So with that said, let me explain a little more so you can understand. In the limo ride to Peggy's, Dylan (my makeup guy and friend) and I were dancing, singing, laughing. We were so excited to get there! We knew Gretchen was going with Jack, so we thought it would be a fun night. When I get to Peggy's, and someone asks me where Jim is, I suddenly realize I was not prepared to answer that question. For obvious reasons, I cannot say Jim didn't want to be around these women. So I quickly answered that he was working, which I knew was a lie, and instantly I felt my head spinning. What on Earth am I doing? Next, Peggy says to me, "He knew about this a month ago." I felt completely crushed. Here we are on camera, I'm not telling the truth, and my girlfriend is giving me the third degree! I did not know what to do at this point. So when you see me texting all night, I'm trying to figure out with Jim how I'm suppose to handle such a stinky situation, because I'm too emotional at this point to think clearly.

When we all sit down at the table, Gretchen leans over to see if I'm alright and I start tearing up, so I excuse myself to the ladies' room. When I think I have myself together I head back to the table, but when I see Gretchen again, I start crying again. I know everyone thinks I should just leave the party at this point, but I am not able to. So what am I suppose to do? I have no choice but to compose myself and make the best of the evening. When you hear me in the bathroom talking to Gretchen about how, "I can't do this anymore," I'm talking about lying. I'm talking about the fact that I want to tell those girls the truth, and I don't know what to do. When I say, "They don't know what's really going on, they don't know what stress I'm under," I'm again talking about handling the fact that Jim didn't want to be with those women. I'm trying to protect their feelings from the fact that Jim didn't want to be around them, and the fact that he wanted to take a break from the cameras that night. To make matters worse, I know the ladies are at the table laughing at me and talking about me. And where was my good friend, Peggy? My emotions got the best of me, and no matter how I tried to contain in, I couldn't get myself to regroup. Once I did come back to the table, I made the decision I would not let this ruin the rest of the evening. I decided to put on a happy face and move forward, although I felt completely betrayed by my "friends."

When I hear Peggy call Jim a jerk for not calling her and telling her himself, newsflash: Jim and I don't feel that's appropriate. I'm the girl, so I will be the one calling my girlfriend to tell her Jim isn't coming. Plus, why wouldn't she just be content that I came to the party, since I am her friend, not Jim.

I'm mortified at the behavior that went on at the dinner table. I don't understand it. Why would grown adults sit around and call people names, like "Munsters" and "Pee Wee Herman?" It's like the more someone cracked on someone else, the better they felt about themselves. Isn't that what kids do in high school? And why do people find pleasure in other people's hardship? It's all very sad to me. I don't think it's funny if other people cry. The fact that Donn and Micah are the two most involved in the name-calling completely shocked me. I've never seen grown men act like that.

Tamra makes tons of ignorant and rude comments, like:

"Last year she couldn't wipe her ass without Jim, now Alexis is here without him."

"She should be happy to be away from the ball and chain."

"Maybe they are having marital problems, or financial problems."

No, I will never be happy to be away from my husband. He is my best friend, and I enjoy his company. That's why we are married. And last year I did wipe my own tush, and still do. Jim and I have been married six years now, so our marriage has changed due to my career. It's not a bad thing, it's a good thing. We are inseparable because we enjoy spending time together, but now because I work too, we have re-evaluated our marriage and we are growing together with the changes. Does anyone else see that Tamra continues to wish failure and unhappiness on other people? I never saw this side of her last year.

At the end of the night, you see Gretchen, me, Dylan, and Jack laughing, dancing, having fun. That's because we all decided not to let the night end on a bad note, so why not make the most of the evening. Tamra comments that our behavior is rude. Was this a concert? I thought I saw everyone else up and dancing too. Peggy's friend had already sang two songs that we all sat around and listened to, and on the last song everyone was up and dancing. Then Tamra says my emotions are all over the place. Suddenly, when I'm smiling again, she cracks on me. If I would have stayed crying all night, she would have cracked on me. If I broke my foot walking to the bathroom, she'd crack on me. So needless to say, it doesn't bother me. Yes, I was upset at the beginning of the night, and actually I was still upset at the end of the night. However, I was there with three good friends, (Gretchen, Dylan, and Jack), and we were just trying to make the most of a very emotional night.

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