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All We Can Do Is Pray

Alexis shares her disappointment about Peggy and Tamra's comments.

By Alexis Bellino

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Tamra's new home is cute! It seems homey and comfortable and her. Being a parent, I can understand why Simon would be upset that he found out Tamra was in Spain from Peggy. However, I do not know the specific circumstances between Tamra and Simon, so there is no reason for me to make assumptions.

I found it interesting and very telling that Vicki was going to her 30th year reunion alone! Jim and I spend so much time keeping our friendship alive so that we want to go places together. I cannot imagine going to a reunion without him. I'd feel lonely and wish he were there the entire time. It's definitely becoming visible that Donn and Vicki had grown in different directions by this point.

When Vicki states that she hears our home was in foreclosure, I was thinking, "Hmm, why didn't she pick up the phone and call me to find out what was going on?" Then I remembered who I was dealing with. Do I ever expect her or Tamra to ask me anything before beginning gossip in the rumor mill? Let me explain it this way, my husband and I paid for our home at the top of the market. Much like many other Americans, our home will never see the day where it is worth that value again. Therefore, Jim and I tried to reach an agreement with the bank to lower the value of the home (i.e. loan modification). Our bank was great to work with, and although we sold our home instead of modifying it, we definitely lost a lot of money. I don't owe anyone an explanation, we are all living in the same recession. The fact that Tamra finds humor in the possibility that my home could have gone into foreclosure, after her home was short sold last year, simply reminds me that we all need to pray for her. I think it's sad that she finds joy in other people's misery.

Next when Vicki claims my husband doesn't have a job, it sounds like bitterness to me. The fact that Jim could be retired, or that he only has to work four hours a day if he prefers, and Vicki works twenty hours a day, hmm, a little angry?

Gretchen pulling out the scale makes it look as though Gretchen thinks Slade is overweight, however, I know Gretchen very well, and I know that her only complaint is that he supposedly walks around saying he's fat, but then he'll order pasta for dinner. Gretchen is madly in love with Slade and would love him fat, skinny, bald or furry!

When Gretchen and Slade go to dinner with Micah and Peggy, and Peggy makes the comment that I probably copied her daytime wedding ring, it is confusing to me. Since I didn't even know Peggy when Jim gave me my daytime ring, how could I copy her? The thought of me copying anything Peggy does is absurd. There is nothing, zero, zilch, nada that I would ever want related to Peggy. We are completely different people, and she is not the friend I had a year ago. This is proven when she goes to lunch with Tamra, and Peggy says she thinks I was overreacting about the mace joke. The day before her lunch with Tamra, Peggy came over to my house to discuss the mace joke and at that time Peggy agreed with me that she thought that Tamra shouldn't have done that. However, she then meets up with Tamra and says that I overreacted? Which is it? Pick a lane. The lunch ends with Tamra calling Jim a douche bag, and they both laugh at it. What's new? Get some new material if you want to be funny. Is being a faithful and amazing husband and an exceptional father the definition of a douche bag?

While watching Vicki and Donn at dinner, it is evident that there is no way to repair their marriage. I felt the tension the entire time I was watching. Talking about where they see their lives in ten years, Donn saying there is more to life than work and Vicki saying she wouldn't change anything in her's all sad. I had to chuckle when Vicki didn't remember Donn's age though, because I often forget what anniversary Jim and I are on in our marriage! It's terrible! But Jim always remembers and I always seem to be a year off, or I say it's April 15th when it's actually April 16th. Thank goodness I have a husband who laughs it off and rolls his eyes instead of being sensitive about it!

Finally, we get to the scene where Tamra and I discuss her infamous mace joke! First of all, the fact that she tries to turn it around on me and make this discussion about where I was when Gretchen was calling her an evil bitch shows Tamra's immaturity. It is not my responsibility to get in the middle of their business. Yes, I did try to deflect the attention with Gretchen, and I did tell my group it was time to leave the party, but it's not my job to apologize to Tamra for Gretchen.

My only point about the mace is that Tamra shouldn't do the exact same thing she gets mad about. Tamra throws a fit when Gretchen pulls an evil eye joke at Tamra's house, yet when Tamra does it to Gretchen, Tamra can't understand why it's inappropriate. You can't argue with stupid on that one. It's called common sense, something Tamra seems to lack this season. I can't even comment on the Alexis is so far up Gretchen's a-- comment, because I think we all know by now that I am my own person. That's just another cop out for Tamra. Her only defense is to name call or say mean things about other people. That will never change. Nothing she says shocks me or hurts my feelings anymore. I feel sorry for her and her kids, and I wish she'd consider her children possibly seeing all of this footage one day. All we can do is continue to pray for her and her family, and I definitely will.

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