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Karma's a Bitch

Alexis dishes on Peggy's experience at the modeling agency and Tamra's behavior at her party.

By Alexis Bellino

I turned on the news while writing this blog and felt it necessary to just reflect on the fact that Japan is still suffering so much from the devastation of the tsunami. Maybe I'm a little emotional because my husband is out of town tonight and because I'm hosting a charity event tomorrow night for Breast Cancer survivors, but then I turn on the news and still see this country is still suffering so badly. I have so many reasons to feel so blessed, and so many more important things are happening in the world, that sometimes it's difficult for me to actually write this blog about situations that occurred six months ago; situations that are so minimal compared to what life is really about. Sometimes I feel like I am still in high school after watching the episodes. Didn't we all graduate from high school for a reason?

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Oh well, so here it goes... forgive me if it's too emotional (it is also that time of the month, so It's not a good time for a girl like me to get behind a laptop and start explaining my feelings... It's kind of like when your husband or friend looks at you and says, "Um, I didn't mean it like that.")

Peggy wanted new boobs and needed them, so I'm happy she got it done! Every girl deserves a nice pair of boobies, and having babies does wreck them. She just should have gone to Dr. Niccole. He is the most well known doctor in all of O.C. for breast implants, and she would have had an even better result,

The scene where Gretchen steals her mom's dress to make a new wedding dress was complete comedy! G is in the closet trying on her mom's shades, noticing her hair out of place... I was falling off the couch laughing! That is so me! They have ten minutes, yet G finds time to fix that one hair that moved. So funny! Not to mention her t-shirt with two oranges on it right in place of her boobs. Hilarious! Thanks, Gretchen, for making me laugh. I also must say that the idea that Gretchen turned her old wedding ring into a ring for her mom is so fabulous! I made earrings out of mine, and she made something so wonderful and meaningful out of hers. That is brilliant.

Vicki's dinner had to be difficult for her to watch. We all know that Vicki is in the middle of her divorce, so anytime someone has an actual documentary of when the ship was sinking, it has to be so hard to watch. I know I wouldn't want to see my divorce transpiring on national television, much as I'm sure my husband feels the same. Divorce is hard no matter what the circumstance, no matter when it occurs. She says, "I'm gong to spend my time where I'm happy, and lately it's been work." Well do you think she wishes now she wouldn't have said that, now when she and Donn are where they are? There is no reason to pour alcohol on her wounds. I know she is suffering, and Donn is too, and we all just need to pray them through this tough time (especially Briana and Michael).

Now we see Peggy take the girls to a modeling interview. First of all, she cracked on my son "not being able to get signed," and let me be the first to say that his first interview at the agency went nothing like that! Karma can be a bitch sometimes. Every parent parents differently and has the right to do so. James shows a lot of interest in being in "show biz" -- he grabs the mic at parties, he always does something funny in front of the camera, he asks to have his picture taken, and he asks to have a mic on him every single time the camera crew comes into our home (even if he is not in the scene LOL). The kid just loves the limelight. I just feel like it's my job to protect him right now and let him do swimming, soccer, karate, and basketball -- the four things he loves so much, instead of sticking him in the car for an hour and a half to go to LA for his casting call or photo shoot. He can work for the rest of his life, and look where "modeling" at such a young age got Peggy... If he is meant to be in "show biz," he will have that career when he is eighteen years old too.

Now we get to my spa party. I decided to have it at Cosmeticare because they have this beautiful building overlooking the water and all the spa chairs were already there, so less hassle and a lot of natural zen! This truly is a party meant for relaxation and rejuvenation, not mace and maliciousness! So when the party turns south, I am completely surprised. Why do people do things that they complain about someone else doing the week before? I just don't get it. I seriously think that is the craziest thing. My mom brought my brother up in a home with the motto: "Do unto others as you would want done unto you..." Did your mom tell you that phrase? I think my mom played it in a record player as she rocked me to sleep as a baby. My family was just expected to live by that. (Like I said, I'm a little emotional tonight, so I'll probably be mad that I wrote some of the things I have written, but I'm just calling it like it is.) Tamra says, "When Gretchen came to my party she made an ass out of herself and ruined my party." Well, Tamra? Enough said. Ick, I just have such a yucky feel right now. It seems like Tamra will do anything for the camera this year. Does anyone else feel that way?

Vicki had sent me an email before my spa party that basically said, "Let's move forward and let past be the past." So I said absolutely. I was disappointed she actually took Tamra's bait about the mace "joke" after she had just sent me that email, so the verdict is out right now of whether Vicki meant what she sent. And I'm waiting for the jury's answer right now as much as all of you are. Let's just say I'm cautiously hopeful.

I promise Alexis Couture dress line is coming soon! Thank you so much for all of the inquiries and positive feedback. Check my Facebook "Alexis Bellino Verified Profile" daily for updates and current status on the dress line. Or follow me on twitter @AlexisBellino for updates too! My website, has some new exciting changes coming in next two weeks too!

I love all of your support, and thank you immensely!



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