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Alexis tackles all the comments about her marriage.

By Alexis Bellino

It's hard to believe, but we are at the end! I have to say...YAY! I need a break! It's been a long year. It feels like this year went a little longer than last year, and I am ready to take a vacation with the family and not worry about my phone, laptop, blogging, etc. It was a fun year with many new opportunities, many new friendships here and gone, and many experiences that make you sit back and say, "What?" Yet there is still so much to discuss, so here are my thoughts from the grueling reunion.

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I never knew there was something wrong with the way I say Amex until Gretchen pointed it out. Here I am going around saying "AYMEX," when I guess there is an unwritten rule that it is called "AHMEX." It's all in good fun, and I still say "AYMEX," and I chuckle now every time I say it!

I have a hard time with Tamra doing the bath tub scene. I'd be lying if I said I didn't. What bothers me about it is she sat on that couch at the reunion and claimed she's a "strict" parent, yet she has no problem jumping into a tub naked with her new boyfriend months after a divorce, when her devastated children supposedly don't know this man. She never considered that her kids will see that scene or for sure will hear about it from their friends at school. My son is so technologically savvy, and my girls too, that they already know how to find the two cartoon stations on TV that they watch. The only way to ensure that Tamra's children have never seen that scene is to make sure there is no TV in their home or any of their friends' homes, and we know that will never happen. So as a parent (and I know there is NO perfect parent) I just feel I would have had a small voice in the back of my head telling me maybe this is something my children shouldn't see now, nor later in life. And Tamra comparing her scene to my accident with the twins at the pool is not at all similar. One is an INTENTIONAL act, one is an UNITNENTIONAL act, or an accident. Anyway, I hope Tamra learned a lot this season, but it seems like she always says sorry or "I wish I wouldn't have done that," and then continues to do it again and again.

The next thing I know Tamra is apologizing for bashing me all season. I accept her apology, and I am hopeful that she means it and next year will be different, but we will have to watch what happens for that one.

Once again, the next topic of conversation turns to my husband. He is nowhere in sight, hasn't been in their sight all year, and yet those women STILL insist in trying to tear Jim down. Their lives must be so terribly boring that they find Jim an interesting topic of conversation. Tamra claims that Jim has said so many terrible things about her. I roll my eyes, because honestly I don't think my husband would EVER in a million years call a woman a "whore" or whatever else she claims he called her. If you are going to say Jim said something about you, at least make it a word he would actually use! Jim never had a problem with Tamra until this year when she kept bashing me in interviews, so why would he have been out talking about her last year? Until this year, Jim always liked her and asked how she was doing through the divorce etc. It's when he saw the footage of her constantly annihilating both of us in her interviews that Jim started to question her integrity. But the funny thing is that Tamra is claiming Jim was talking about her months before that.

The most hysterical part is when Tamra calls Jim "arrogant, degrading, and disrespectful." Those are the EXACT three words I use to describe Tamra. It's funny to me that she projects her own qualities unto others. Tamra dislikes most people -- me, Jim, Slade, Gretchen, Jeana to name a few. The fact that I can count on one hand the amount of times she has actually been around my husband completely invalidates her opinion of him. Maybe she is just envious of the fact that I have a happy, successful marriage and that I'm in love with a man who treats me like a queen, and a man who also allows me to be my individual self while upholding a strong marriage.

Let's re-evaluate my supposedly "controlling" marriage. If Jim were so controlling, when he wanted to decrease time filming, wouldn't a controlling husband make his wife do the same thing? Wouldn't a controlling husband say no to a San Antonio trip and many other appearances and Housewife events, etc? The fact is that when my husband decided to take a step back, he ENCOURAGED me to continue on, he supported the decisions I made, and he helped with launching my dress line. My marriage is far from controlling, subservient, or medieval, and I'm not the one getting a divorce, so I think I'll stick to my equation. MY HUSBAND HAS HAD TO SIT BACK AND LISTEN TO THESE WOMEN CONTINUOUSLY ATTACK HIM, DEGRADE HIM, BELITTLE HIM, ALL WHILE HE GRACEFULLY BOWED OUT. HE HAS NEVER WENT TO THE PRESS. HE'S NEVER ANSWERED THE PRESS' PHONE CALLS. HE NEVER ASKED TO DO AN INTERVIEW. HE NEVER WROTE A BLOG. JIM DIDN'T DO ONE THING TO ARGUE HIS SIDE OF THE SITUATION AND DEFEND HIMSELF AGAINST ALL OF THE HORRIBLE ACCUSATIONS THESE WOMEN WERE MAKING. HE'S GOING ON WITH HIS LIFE, HE'S TAKEN THE ABUSE LIKE A MAN, NOW LEAVE HIM ALONE!

I only make the comment about liberal America because I was asked why my marriage is always being attacked. The only reason I believe so is because America is going through a liberal movement (which is not good nor bad, it's just a fact), and I prefer a more traditional America. Do I believe that women shouldn't be allowed to do everything a man can do? No. Does this mean I believe men are smarter than women? No. I am a very driven, successful, intelligent woman, and I am entitled to my own beliefs. I believe there are things men should do that women should not. Just as I believe there are things women should do that men shouldn't. There are things I think belong to men and things that I believe belong to women. To each their own, and I would not stop someone from chasing their dreams. Yet when I'm asked a question, I have to answer it honestly, and I do feel safer with a man running the country. In fact when Vicki said she could run the country better than most men, I laughed. She can't even run her own marriage, how can she run a country? I'd move to France should that ever happen, by the way.

Peggy's dinner party is such an acting' scene in my opinion. Peggy KNEW Jim wasn't going to be at her party, and instead of being a supportive friend, she kicked me while I was down. We already know that I didn't know how to handle that evening, and it was one of the biggest meltdowns I have ever had at an actual event. If I had to do it over again, I would have looked at her and said, "YOU know where Jim is PEGGY!" But in the heat of the moment, I folded and tried to cover for Jim because of Peggy's terrible acting and my own insecurities due to not being prepared for the questions that were asked that night. Peggy doesn't consider my feelings for one minute, she is only concerned that Jim isn't at HER party. It's more important to her that Jim DIDN'T show up, rather that being excited that I, her friend, DID show up! Does anyone else see the problem here? She is concerned about Jim and not thankful about me? Hmm, maybe she is still ticked off that Jim dumped her fifteen years ago.

So now to address my "foreclosure" issues. There was never a foreclosure. We purchased our home at the top of the market, and when the market crashed, we lost ALL of our equity in our home. We sold our home. End of story. It's funny that Tamra knows more about my situation than I do. By the way, Tamra claimed to know so much about the law with my housing situation, yet when she slapped Jeana in the face with a "Cease and Desist," she called it a "cyst and deceased." Who is she kidding? Gretchen claims Tamra meddles where she shouldn't, and now I have to agree. Why is Tamra so concerned with my housing situation that she researches it and tries to throw a ton of facts out? And why isn't she concerned about her own BFF Peggy and her foreclosure rumor? Tamra overlooks that but researches and focuses on mine? Strange. I know things about Tamra that I've never stated. It's not my job to start rumors about the other women or to judge them in their walk.

With that said, I truly wish these women nothing but the best, and I have had such an amazing year! My Braid maxi is my best seller, and I will be offering it in light coral and true jade in the next two weeks. And great news, we will have enough in stock this time to avoid back orders and all deliveries will be made within 3-5 business days! YAY! Alexis Couture is doing SO well, and I am so thankful I hung in there through all of the blood, sweat, and tears! To order any of my casual or couture dresses, or any of my trucker bling hats, you can go to! I launched the "Truth" hat just in time for summer!

To purchase any of my clothing worn one time on the show, red carpets, etc, you can go to, or to my website! Be sure to follow me on Twitter @alexisbellino for frequent updates and to chat with me, or Facebook at "Alexis Bellino Verified Profile!"

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful support and kind words over the past season!

Much love and happiness,


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