Vogue Gone Wrong

Vogue Gone Wrong

Alexis gives us the lowdown on her photo shoot.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Bravo fans! It's the toughest job in the world, but there is no other job or title I'd rather have than "mommy." My son wrote to me that he "loved me because I make the best ribs and because I read to him from the bible." So we see that even a young boy's way to his heart is through his belly! Haha! My daughters wrote (well they scribbled and their teacher translated) that I'm the "best mommy because I paint their nails and make their hair pretty." And here we see girls be girls!

When I invited Peggy to my house so we could discuss her dinner party in further detail, I truly believed that by the time she left we would have things resolved. I was way wrong. This season has definitely put a serious strain on our friendship, and I'm worried it may not recover. The most difficult part for me is that I never wanted Peggy, or any of my close friends, to be a part of this show. I was so fearful that if Peggy became a part of this group it would wreck our friendship, and it did just that. Peggy has changed, she is not the same person I knew last year. It became so frustrating throughout the season to film with her because she became a drama queen, and I felt like she was constantly looking for things to argue with me about. She sat on my couch and complained we weren't spending any time together, but we had just had a play date at the park. Next Peggy is upset because she heard Jim and I were out to dinner one night with some other friends. Yes, there was probably a time when Peggy asked me to dinner and I said no because of a sick kid, or I didn't have a sitter, and the next night I went out with another couple. There are seven days in a week -- the day that works for you may not work for me! So next she says she feels Jim was blowing her and Micah off when he didn't come to their party. By this time I'm so frustrated and feel like she is just looking for things to be mad about. It's like OK, here we go again, she's the victim because my husband did not attend their dinner party. First of all, they knew Jim wasn't going to be there because he didn't want to be around those other women, and that is his prerogative. It's so completely absurd to me that instead of focusing on who was at her party, they seemed to focus the most on what two people weren't there. Are you guys so self-centered to think that every time you have a dinner party, every single person is going to come? I throw dinner parties all the time, and if someone cannot make it, I simply say, "Oh OK, well I hope to see you soon!"

Next Peggy claims Jim has "never had a real job," yet I don't know what her husband does. She says he's a web guy. Evidently my husband is so mysterious and seems to never be working, but I could say the same about him. People are so quick to point fingers when they should take a look at their own life first. Why make ignorant statements that have no validity to them. If anyone needs to be educated on Jim's career, they can go back and read my Episode 9 blog, because I already went into great detail about the many careers my husband has in that blog, so no need to rehash.

Then Peggy makes the statement that, "Alexis lied. Come on Alexis, I thought you were a good Christian." Yes Peggy, we all know that I lied. And my mind was a complete mess the rest of the night after I told that lie too. I am still a Christian. Being a Christian doesn't mean you are perfect. Being a Christian means you ask for forgiveness when you make a mistake, and you try to learn from that mistake. I am not perfect, and I'm sure I will make many more mistakes by the end of the season.

I feel horrible for ruining her party, and I told her I was so sorry. It's honestly a pet peeve of mine when people disrupt a party or an event. Had Peggy been honest from the beginning of the evening and been there to support me in a sad moment, I probably would have been fine. I'm 34 years old and I can honestly say that I don't ever remember behaving that way at someone's event. I did everything in my power not to lose control of my emotions, but my emotions got the best of me for three reasons: my lying upon arrival, then Peggy questioning where Jim was when she knew why he wasn't there, and then from hearing the rest of the group sitting at the table, snickering and laughing at my expense.

Moving on to the limo ride with Peggy, Tamra, and Vicki on the way to the winery. It's so comical to me that my husband is barely in any scene this season, yet he is still the topic of the other women's conversation. They all say their hellos to each other, and low and behold, the topic turns to Jim. Is Jim really that interesting? I really do think it's funny. Vicki says Jim is "intimidated by smart women, and has no place in his world for entrepreneurial business owners." Well sorry, Vicki, most of our friends and family are intelligent, entrepreneurial business people, his very own sister is a labor law attorney, so once again you are wrong, dear. Jim doesn't choose to spend time around people who are mean to other people, that's not to be confused with intelligent people. But thanks, Vicki, for giving Jim the air time.

Then Tamra insists I want to "roll around in Peggy's sheets" or that I seem competitive with Peggy. First off, eww, I would not find it fun to roll around the sheets with any other girl, but isn't it funny knowing what we know now about Tamra that Tamra chooses that analogy! Seriously though, there in nothing, nada, zilch, zero I want that Peggy has. Peggy is nine years older than me, we are two completely different people, and although at one time I thought she was a good person, there is nothing I want that is hers. In fact, it's the opposite. Our lives are different, the way we act is different, the way we dress is different, the way we treat people is different. I love my life, who I am, and everyone in my life. Enough said on that subject.

Now on to positive things! In this episode we see my photo shoot for Alexis Couture and Alexis Casual! Wow! I can't believe it's finally here. This new business of mine sure was more difficult than I expected, but the first dress, my black "Braid" maxi from Alexis Casual has done amazingly well! It's the dress I wore to San Diego with my family, and that dress flew off the shelves like hot cakes. You can order it now at www.everythingalexis.com for only $69.50, and we are offering it larger sizes as well. The rest of my line is launching this week. It's so exciting to bring dresses that I love to all of you.

The photo shoot brings one word to mind...EXHAUSTING! This was an eight hour photo shoot, with no breaks in between! I went home that night and iced my feet and ordered take-out and poured a glass of wine! Ha! I've done some other modeling in the past (not that I'm calling myself a model, I've simply modeled for some other designers and businesses) and I never felt the exhaustion from those shoots. I think this one was different because it is my own baby. I was trying to run the show, organize, pose, direct, change fifteen times (meaning jewelry, shoes, and makeup touchups), so I was just plum worn out. But it was so rewarding! The photos came out amazing. It was super funny to watch Tal trying to explain to me how to pose in the white dress on the stairscase. She wanted it to be a "Vogue" look; however, it reminded me more of "Vogue gone wrong!" I didn't have the vision she had at that moment. She is such a talented designer, and together we make an awesome team.

Jim being there for me that day was so crucial. He's the only person that I know who will truly tell me if something doesn't look right, he is my live mirror, because when I'm posing I cannot see myself. He is so creative and helpful plus, he makes things happen! Besides that, he is my best friend, so I wanted him there.

Oh boy, then the smoke machine sounds off the smoke alarm! Are you kidding right now? I'm in the St. Regis, one of the most beautiful and prestigious resorts in all of O.C. and I just sounded the smoke alarm? I felt like I was dreaming. Originally I had planned to do that shoot for hang tags on each dress, however, I have changed my mind and now all of those photos will be used for the website and the catalog. Now, after having launched my first line of clothing, I will obviously be doing things different for the next line. I learned a lot, and I'm thankful to have the wonderful team I have behind me! I cannot wait to share this amazing line with all of you.

Go to www.everythingalexis.com to order your Alexis Couture or Alexis Casual now, as well as many other new and exciting items coming your way! Follow me on Facebook for new updates and weekly photos at "Alexis Bellino Verified Profile" or for more frequent posts on Twitter @alexisbellino!

Much love and happiness!



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