My Best Friend

My Best Friend

Gretchen dishes on her relationship with Slade. And no, he is not her bitch.

Hi guys!

I want everyone to remember that I enjoy writing, and it is actually therapeutic for me to write out my feelings,  so if you don't like that my blogs are long, then do me a favor and just don't read them.

This week we see some funny moments between me and Slade. This is our normal morning routine (when I am actually in town) and unfortunately, I am not a morning person and so Slade has to pry me out of my bed! I love my mornings with Slade though. He is such a wonderful man; he is always taking care of me even when I don't know I need it. He makes me coffee and turkey bacon almost every morning when he is home. He knows if he doesn't make me food, sometimes I forget to eat or I start to get so busy that I don't take time to make food. 

Slade has seen me work my butt off for the last two years trying to build my companies, and therefore he picks up the slack in areas that I need. That is why he makes a great partner! Obviously Slade and I don't take each other too seriously, and we are constantly making fun of ourselves. That is the part about our relationship that I just love. We make each other laugh, and the perception from the outside might be that he is my bitch, as I jokingly said, but we know exactly what we are to each other and that is what keeps us going strong. He is obviously not my bitch, but from the scene in the bathroom it might look that way. And if we don't make fun of that, everyone else will! 

Slade has been one of the best things to happen in my life ever. Everyone is always asking why I'm with him, and the best and simplest answer I can give is because he is my best friend. That is what has made us work despite any arguments or disagreements, during  the good or the bad times. We know each other's hearts and intentions, and we protect and love each other so deeply. That is all anyone could ask for.  

Now to my sweet assistant/employee Shawna. Tamra's condescending comment saying, "What does she need an assistant for," is laughable to me. Maybe she isn't aware of all the things I had going on in my life, like launching the Gretchen Christine Collection, going on Shop NBC to launch that collection, continuing  to build, market, and promote my make-up line, building a (thankfully very successful) e-commerce website, launching  and maintaining "Gretchen's Closet," which is my E-bay store, continuing to book hosting opportunities, filming commercials like Turbo Tax, making several personal appearances all across the country, recording and performing my music, managing  a music publishing catalog, filming for this show (which takes so much time as we all know), and one of my  personal favorites, interacting with customers and fans on my personal website, daily blogs, beauty community, twitter, and facebook pages. The fact is I need a full time employee just to keep my two companies running everyday, because I travel so much. If Tamra doesn't think this is worthy of having an assistant/employee around, then I would like to see what she considers worthy of it. 

Shawna has been great, and I am happy to have her on board! It was an interesting transition because we were social friends before she worked for me. I think it took her by surprise to see me so assertive and not necessarily myself at Tamra's party. She knows me as the happy-go-lucky, life of the party kind of girl. She didn't know a lot of the back story between Tamra and I, and so I felt bad she was thrown into that scene at the party. However, I do need to know that she has my back no matter what, both as my friend and now as my employee (especially when someone like Tamra approaches her about working with her). Loyalty is very important to me in the work place and in friendships, and that is why you see me sit down and talk to her about that.  

Vicki's trip to Seattle was a little contradictory to me to be honest, because all she talks about is working, working, working, but all we see her doing is partying, partying, partying with her employees. Maybe I missed it, maybe that was just a fun trip and not a work trip. I personally have always thought that Vicki needed to find more balance between work and her family (especially in her relationship with Donn). I think she finds her identity through her work, sometimes to the detriment of her relationships, and I hope that one day she will realize that relationships are just as important as work. All in all I think it's great that Vicki loves her job and is passionate about it. I am very happy and passionate about the things I am doing right now, so I understand. It is always very exciting to see the fruit of one's labors rewarded as well, so it was great to see Vicki get recognized for hard work and get that award. 

Tamra and Alexis' talk was hard for me to watch. I hate to see Alexis struggle to explain her relationship with Jim.  I knew it wasn't going to sit well with Alexis when Tamra started saying that Jim and Simon were very similar.  Tamra seemed pretty low-key with Alexis right in front of her, but in her interviews Tamra had some pretty harsh and down-right crude things to say about Jim and Alexis' relationship. Jim and Alexis have young kids and to say that, "I bet their marriage won't last," seemed harsh coming from a woman who has now been divorced twice now. It also seems that Tamra has now passed the gold digger crown over to Alexis this season by making the comment, "Hand me money, and I'll do whatever you want." It's disappointing to hear Tamra make such degrading  comments about people.   Unfortunately, I have always felt that she will say whatever she wants no matter how it might affect a person, a couple, their kids, or a marriage. Ultimately, it's not my fight to fight, but all I know is that I wouldn't want to piss off Alexis!

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Till next week! 

Xoxo Gretchen Christine


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