Let the Games Begin

Let the Games Begin

Tamra dishes on her disappointment with Gretchen's behavior.

Hi everybody, it's been over a year since we were last in your homes. I hope you missed us as much as we missed you! So much has happened in my life, and I cant wait to share it with you. Well, maybe not all of it...

My kids are doing great after a very hard year. Both Simon and I thought it would be best to keep them off the show this year. The divorce has been very difficult on all of us, and they didn't need the added stress. Sophia started kindergarten and loves it. Spencer is ten and a computer wiz, Sidney is twelve and started junior high and has made honor roll ever semester. Simon and I share custody and live one mile from each other, which makes it very convenient and easy on the kids.

I hope you all enjoyed the first episode as much as I did. There was no shortage of drama this week... Let the games begin!

I was determined to start this season off on a good note. I thought having a shopping party with all the ladies would be the perfect way to get us all together. Gee, what was I thinking?

I went all out with the food from Infusion Martini Bar (www.infusionladera.com), a hot, half-naked bartender, and clothes from Royal Plush. All good ingredients for... disaster?

I was a very shocked at Gretchen and the way she acted, from the phone call to her vulgar hand jerking. I was not expecting that at all. I had several email conversations with her about moving forward and not dwelling on the past. If I didn't think we were in a good place, I would have never invited her. And if she did not like me, why did she go? I did not attend her party last year, because we were not in a good place and I wouldn't feel comfortable in her home. Saying we were best friends would be a stretch, but I thought we were headed in a positive direction.

As we all saw, she walked in the party with her Gretchen Christine bag filled with anger, attitude, and bitterness. I am convinced now that she will continue to blame me for her past mistakes. If you tell the truth it becomes part of your past, but if you lie it will haunt your future. We all make mistakes in life, and I know it's hard to be exposed and deal with them publicly. But when you're on a reality show it's hard to hide from the camera. You should never blame others for your actions. I never asked to get involved!

Despite what was happening, I was not going to argue with her. I maintained my cool and went on to have a great time with everyone else. Watching the episode now, I should have asked her to leave. I'm trying my hardest to be a better person and to watch what I say. I knew I was very upset and could possibly say something out of anger, but I didn't want to go there. I am in such a good place in my life, and I won't let anyone bring me down.

You got to meet my friend Fernanda, what did you think? Fernanda is great, and I think you're going to love her. Fernanda will stir things up this season, that's for sure. We joke around all time, but we are only friends. So don't go starting any rumors.

Shawna, Gretchen's friend, waited for her to walk out and then approached me. She went to junior high school with my oldest son Ryan, and she used to come over to our house and hang out. It had been over ten years, and I didn't remember her. When I asked her how she knew Gretchen, she said her fiancé introduced them. She did not say that she worked for her. She mentioned that she owned an eBay business, and at the time I was selling my clothes from past seasons on eBay. I thought maybe she could give me some pointers. So I almost died laughing when Gretchen said I was trying to steal her employee. Where does she come up with this stuff?

Let's talk about tattoo removal. My body was so tense watching that scene. I'm not going to lie, tattoo removal hurts terribly, and I happen to have one of the most difficult colors to remove, hot pink.

How cute is Dr. Kirby? He owns Dr. Tattoff (www.drtattoff.com) and has locations from Orange County to LA. I'm sure you all remembered him from the show Big Brother and Dr. 90210, and Sarah was on the show The Bachelor. Too funny.

See you next week! Xoxo,

Tamra Barney

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