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The Real World

Tamra clarifies her comments and updates us on her kids.

By Tamra Judge

It was so thoughtful of Vicki to bring me that beautiful cross picture. I collect crosses, and this one is one of my favorites. I know just how busy Vicki is with her business and thought it was so nice of her to stop by on her lunch break. 

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The text massages that Alexis sent me were a total exaggeration of what really happened. The first thing I thought was that she might be trying to create unnecessary drama for the sake of the camera. As you can see, she really doesn't have much going on in her life. I died laughing when she said the party cost her so much money and I ruined it... Since her plastic surgeon paid for it, and in return she gave him a national commercial. Like I have said in the past, I heard things that they were saying about me behind my back during the break up of my marriage. I did confront her a few times, and she always denied it. Kind of like how she denied she said she didn't like me when Gretchen called her out when they were at lunch with Peggy. I tried to put it behind me and film with her, but it was very difficult. I live in the real world and they... Well, let's just say they are more worried about keeping up the appearance of being Newport's finest.

FYI, I can't take credit for the Jesus barbie comment. David Gilmore, who owns writes a weekly blog about all the housewife shows, nicknamed her that and it just popped out of my mouth in the heat of things. 

I would never laugh at some one that has fallen on hard times. But these two are such hypocrites about everything. It is hard to sympathize with people that have screwed up priorities. When simon and I were struggling like many others, we did everything we could to hold on to the house. We turned in our fancy Mercedes and bought used cars for cash, we canceled the gardner, pool service, cut up credit cards, etc. We were honest about our financial struggles. We were not broke, but could no longer afford our past lifestyle, so we started drastically cutting back. Don't you think that is the practical thing to do? But what did they do...bought a Rolls Royce Phantom to save face!

The dinner with Peggy, Micah, Gretchen, and Slade was interesting. You could see the awkwardness between them. Micah is one the best hands-on daddies I have ever met. He talks about being a daddy and how he loves his girls all the time. When he started talking about being a good parent, it looked like Slade and Gretchen wanted to scream, "Check please!" It was no surprise that Gretchen and Slade started ripping me apart about how I owe her an apology for exposing her on national TV. Peggy learned quickly what they are all about. I never once talked about them to Peggy or told her about our past problems, I have better things to talk about. I think Gretchen needs to give it a break already! News alert, Gretchen, do you not remember the seven emails we shared last year about putting this behind us and moving on? I have not mentioned her once this season yet!  

Seeing Vicki and Donn made me sad. I love them both so much and know exactly what they are going through. It has been obvious through the years that they were both not getting what they needed from their relationship. A marriage failing is not one sided, it takes two people to get to that point.  Both Vicki and I are leaning on each other through the divorce process, and I know personally that she is having a very hard time with it. It does get easier as time goes on, but the pain really never goes away completely.  

You all know that I am not on the Slade train, but I'm starting to feel a little bad for Tubba Wubba. Gretchen is really treating him badly this season. Looks to me like she may have lost respect for him. Eddie and I related to Slade gaining ten pounds since they have been together. Usually when you are happy in love and comfortable with each other you tend to gain weight. I love to call it my "love chub." I would rather be happy in love than hungry and miserable! However, summer is coming so we are back on our healthy diet and using SENSA ( to help control our appetite. Thanks to Patti Stanger! Have you seen how hot she is looking?

People keep asking me if Eddie has a facebook or Twitter account. I finally talked him into creating a Twitter @eddiejudge, @tamrabarney. Please follow us!/pages/Tamra-Barney/82781113707?sk=wall

We have been asked to do a lot of public appearances from Australia to Atlantic City. We will be at the Luxor hotel on May 5 to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at T&T restaurant.... Come see us if you're in town. 

Since my kids are not in the show I'd like to give you an update on how well they are doing. Sidney is still making the honor roll with a 4.0 GPA. She is such a good kid. She is still in theater and will be performing a lead roll in 'Beauty and the Beast' this weekend. I just registered her for soccer, and she wants to start gymnastic too. Can you say over achiever! She keeps me busy with all her activities, but I am so proud of her. 

Spencer continues to crack me up every day with his 60 year old humor, he is such an old soul. He is playing the trumpet in school and wants to start guitar lessons and has taken intrest in writing lyrics to songs.   

Sophia is my mini me... Help me! She a little smart mouth and is a social butterfly in school. She is stubborn and let's you know exactly what she is thinking. She takes dance class with he best friend from kindergarten and is very excited about her first recital next month. I also registered her for soccer for the first time.  

Simon and I continue to share 50/50 custody and the kids are finally getting use to their situation. It's hard on both of us to see our kids 50% less than we used to, but there is nothing we can do about it. I am a true believer that kids need to have both parent involved in their life . On a positive note, it has given me time to do my real estate, write my book, and do appearances when they are with their father. We have a rule that I never work or go out the days they are home with me. I'm lucky to be able to have a job that allows me the freedom. 

Ryan is doing great and works at a law firm. You will be seeing Ryan on the show real soon.    


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