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Can I get a Woo Hoo?

Vicki explains why she was late to Tamra's party and gives an update on Briana's health.

By Vicki Gunvalson

Welcome back everyone for Season 6 of the original franchise. Do I hear a "woo hoo?" I hope you enjoyed this week's episode and that you will enjoy this new season. There wasn't too much drama to start with, but stay tuned... I'm sure there will be more coming.

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This week you saw Donn and I moving furniture around in our house, because we had a slab leak under our marble floors and the contractor had to rip up our entire first floor flooring to repair it. It was a great opportunity for me to do a makeover on the house. I ended up taking all the carpet out of the downstairs and replaced it with wood flooring in the family room, office, and front den area. For the rest of the floors I had travertine installed, which really updated the home. I'm not one who likes a messy, untidy home, so the four weeks of living in dust and construction was not pleasant. I am the type of person who is extremely impatient and things need to be done yesterday, so when Donn wanted me to wait to get a new area rug… it was simply out of the question. I ended up getting a new one that night.

Tamra invited all the girls over at 4:00 for a clothing party, and unfortunately I could not get there at right at 4:00 due to client meetings. I got there as soon as I could, and I told her I would be a little late due to client meetings that I had scheduled at my office. When I heard Alexis' comments about me being late, it just reaffirmed to me she has no clue how difficult it is for me to just leave work in the middle of the afternoon to socialize, drink, and shop. When I got to Tamra's boyfriend's house, I wasn't there for more than five minutes and Tamra told me that Gretchen started in on her about being "evil." I thought this fight was over two years ago, and I don't understand why Gretchen can't move past it. I personally do not think it's Tamra's fault.

My insurance business, Coto Insurance, has an amazing group of employees. I was leaving on a business trip, and when I told the boys, "When the cat's away, don't let the mice play," I was telling them in a subtle way to keep their sales up and not to get off course. Several of Mike's friends are now working at Coto Insurance, and it brings me so much happiness to be a mentor to him and his friends who have decided to make selling life insurance their career. Mike has turned into an amazing salesman, and is growing his book of business nicely. He has a talent for being able to take any situation that a client gives him, problem solve, and then and turn it into a sale. If you or anyone you know may be in the need of life insurance, please be sure you check out our website ( to compare what you are currently paying to the companies we represent. I can't tell you how many times we are able to improve people's insurance coverage just by having them do a free review.

A lot of you have been asking how Briana is doing with her health, and I want to thank you for your prayers. We actually had a very big scare last week, as she had a scan done on her neck and they found a fairly large mass behind her thyroid. She had a biopsy done on it last week, and although we are still awaiting her results, the doctor felt confident it was benign. The worst thing a parent can go through is having their child be sick for many years. I'm confident we will get positive news, but it still is a very uneasy feeling.

I know this has been a very difficult time for a lot of you due to the recession, unemployment and lack of cash flow. It has hit almost everyone I know including myself. It seems as though I have to work twice as hard just to maintain status quo. Home values in Coto have continued to decline over 30%, while the cost of living has increased. My advice for all of you is to be sure you are saving as much as you can for retirement, and to think before you spend money on big purchases.

I hope you enjoyed this week's episode, and I am looking forward to hearing from you. See you again next week!



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