Spanks a Lot

Spanks a Lot

Vicki talks about the boat trip and spanking Danielle.

This weekend I celebrated Briana’s 24th birthday in Las Vegas with her friends Danielle, Jessica, John Santos (aka: Pocket Panda), David Culver (my employee), and myself. We stayed at the new Vdara hotel which was fabulous. I loved it because it is a casino free hotel which made it so easy to get in and out of, and you don't have all the loud noise to deal with in the lobby. It was my 49th birthday last weekend, so next year we will be celebrating a quarter of a century and a half of a century as we will be 25 and 50. We are planning a cruise with all of our friends and family, which will be so much fun. Friday night we went to "The Bank" at Bellagio and seeing Briana up on stage dancing and singing made me so happy. It's so much fun going out with her and her friends, as she has such a positive attitude and is so much fun to be around.

This week's episode you see my family and I spend the afternoon on a Duffy boat in Newport Beach. It's a great way to spend time with one another without costing a lot of money, and it is only twenty minutes from our house. I left work around 4pm and met everyone at the Duffy Boat rental place around 4:30. I had it all planned out the night before and brought wine, cheese, appetizers, and beer which makes for a fun afternoon. When I watched the episode, it made me realize how hard it is for me to really relax and break away from my office and how I need to really try and work on more of a balance in my life. When I said I didn't want to go out with them after we were finished with the boat, it was because I had not finished all of my work for the day and it's important for me to complete all my emails/voicemails and client files at the end of each day so when I return in the morning I can always start with a fresh clean desk. My quiet time at night is the best time for me to brainstorm and work on projects and goals because I am uninterrupted. I ended up going to dinner with the family, which was the right thing to do, and stopped by my office on the way home to do my unfinished work. Everyone was happy (including me) at that decision.

You heard me talk to the kids about their drinking, but it's one of my worries. Whenever I see Mike and Briana drink, it makes me very nervous. Their biological father is an alcoholic, and so is his father (their grandfather). I worry a lot about either one of my kids having any type of dependency on alcohol as I have seen the destruction it causes in families including my own first marriage. They have never ever given me a reason to be worried about them, it's really a fear that I have in my own mind. I guess that's what a mother's role is…to always to try and protect them, no matter how old they are.

In the office I rewarded one of my new employees, Mitch, for writing his first life insurance application with a $20 bill. Also Mike was the top salesman of the week and was awarded $100. I'm so proud of Mike, as he has consistently been doing great at work, and he loves the insurance business. He has three of his friends working at Coto Insurance ( which shows me that he is proud of the career path he has chosen for himself. Our company specializes in internet life insurance selling, and we are a broker to all the major insurance companies. This guarantees the client that they are receiving the lowest rate available. We even have a product now that insures up to $1M without even a physical.

Insurance selling has provided me a consistent income stream and freedom to call my own hours while never setting an income limit on what I can earn. I think Mike has realized that working in this industry will allow him a great opportunity and a great lifestyle for himself and his family one day. If you are interested in seeing if this career might be a good fit for you, visit my website for more information.

I know some of you may think spanking Danielle was out of line, but it was all in fun and she told me afterward that she understood me being upset. I have known Danielle since she was in third grade, and she is best friends with Briana. She had been slacking off at her job recently, and she kept making excuses for showing up late, leaving work to do errands, or get tea and then not returning back to work when she told me she would. I love her like my own daughter, and although I don't think spanking a 23 year old is ever appropriate, it at least showed her how serious I was. Since her "spanking," she has not let me down yet, and I'm confident that was a huge life lesson for her. We laugh about it now and she says to me, "Only you could spank me and somehow I'm OK with it."

I really enjoyed watching Gretchen and Slade plan her parent's 40th wedding anniversary party. I thought it was so creative all the work that went into it, all the way down to the details of the dress, the tux, and even finding the pastor that married them forty years ago was so special. It made me reflect on my parents 40th wedding anniversary party that my siblings and I threw for them prior to my dad passing away. My mom to this day says that was one of her best highlights of her life. Unfortunately in my life I was not able to stay married to my first husband (Mike and Briana's father) and if we were able to have stayed married, we would be celebrating almost thirty years together. Getting married myself at 21 years old I think was way too young, and I believe if I would have waited until I was between the ages of 25-29 my chances of staying married would have been much greater. My advice to any of you that are considering marriage prior to 25 is to wait. I believe you grow so much between 21-25, and your choices on who you want to spend the rest of your life with probably would change.

I loved seeing Tamra and Eddie in Spain together. They looked so happy and I think Tamra looked so pretty with her hair in that bow and her cute hat on. I love traveling and have never been to Spain, but now that I see how beautiful it was, it's definitely on my bucket list of places to go. Tamra shopping for cheeses, olives and wine was funny. I know how difficult it is when you are in a foreign country and can't speak the language. As you saw a few weeks ago, I tried to tell the man working on my wrought iron railing not to scratch the newly painted wood on the stairs so I said, "No scratchy the woody." I got a few emails and blogs from people saying I was disrespectful, and I just wanted to say I didn't mean to be disrespectful –- I just am not good at Spanish, and that was a funny way for me to communicate with him.

This week I am headed out to Richmond, VA to film another show called Messiest House that will air on the Style Network. I was casted to do this show last week, and I'm excited to be a part of it. I will be doing a makeover on a lady that has one of the messiest houses in America, and I'll let you know how the experience was next week. Not only am I going to do a personal makeover, but I will be making over her home as well. I think it will be a lot of fun to see the transformation. I have always thought of doing my own show that not only makes over the person, but also their finances, their insurance coverages, and organize their homes. I am a big believer in removing clutter from your life, and this would be any type of clutter. Relationships/people, clothing, papers... anything that bogs you down emotionally I believe removing it will free you.

Thank you for all the uplifting and encouraging emails and blogs that I have been receiving. I hope all of you have a safe and healthy week and look forward to returning next week.


Vicki Gunvalson

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