The Aries Connection

The Aries Connection

Vicki thinks the reason she gets along so well with Eddie and Peggy is because they all have the same sign.

I hope you enjoyed this week's episode as much as I did. It is so nice to see Tamra in love this episode, especially after all that she has been through with Simon. I think it was smart when she said she decided not to introduce Eddie to her kids right away. There are so many adjustments that they are going through right now and the less changes they go through, I think the better off they will be in the long run. I have come to know Eddie on a personal level, and he is one of those guys that is always smiling. We have a lot in common because we are both Aries, and we laugh at the fact that we are both free spirited, love to travel, hate conflict, and are very organized. My birthday is March 27th and his is March 31st and Tamra and I just planned a trip to Cabo for our birthdays, which should be fun.

I saw a different side of Gretchen and Slade this episode. Gretchen seemed really bugged by Slade when they were driving to Palm Springs.

You also saw this episode the construction work that was being done at our home. We updated the railing to be wrought iron from the white spindles, put all new travertine in the first floor kitchen and hallways, and wood floor in the family room, office, and front room. I love redecorating a home, but I don't like the process to get there. This renovation took over eight weeks, but it was well worth it. The home looks amazing now. We are still considering selling it sometime this year, and my goal is to get a smaller home in a community that is more active.

Watching Alexis and Jim travel with her three little ones makes me realize how much work it actually is to raise little children. She seems like she handles the stress very well, but truly from the outside looking in Jim needs to help out more. They both decided to have three children, not just Alexis, and it takes two parents to participate in the raising of them. When James was filmed saying he wanted to ride with Jim to Palm Springs and Jim said no, I found that sad. To me, I would have thought Jim would have wanted that quality time with his son, which would have been great one-on-one bonding time. I loved it when Mike and Briana were younger and I would take one of them separate from the other to enjoy that one-on-one time. I think Jim will realize after watching this episode that he missed an amazing opportunity with James, and my hope is that he will take advantage of it again in the future.

Last night Tamra and Eddie had a dinner party at Eddie's house, and it was so fun seeing Lynn and Frank and Micah and Peggy. I really miss seeing Lynn, and it was great to catch up with her. Micah and Peggy are so much fun, and Peggy and I compared our Aries personalities and how much we have in common. It is neat to talk to Peggy, because she is so knowledgeable on astrology which I find very interesting.

Regarding my family, I'm really proud of Mike this week as he decided to take a bar tending class in Santa Monica to earn extra money. He passed his class on Friday and now is a certified bartender. He is still selling life insurance at our company Coto Insurance, (, but he wanted to make some extra money at night and thought this would be a great way. He moved in with a friend up there from college for a little bit and is quickly learning the LA traffic. Unfortunately, his first week in LA he already got two parking tickets totaling $130 -- one for a car parked on a street cleaning day and for the other one he was four minutes over the time on the meter. What a bummer! Two weeks ago Briana moved back home to save money to buy a house of her own. I am so proud of both of my kids as they are financially independent and both very responsible. Briana figured it was smarter to bank her entire paycheck versus spending over $2,000 per month in an apartment rent. We sat down and did a budget for her and within the next twelve months she will be able to save over $30,000. It's been great having her back home even if it's only temporary.

Lastly, for those of you that want a free review of your current life insurance policies or if you are looking for a new plan, please visit my website at for more information. Remember, there is a 100% chance you are going to pass away, we just don't know when. Please take care of your loved ones. Have a great week!




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