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Starting to Boil

Alexis reflects on the rising heat in this episode and Tamra's comments.

By Alexis Bellino

Oh boy, I feel the water starting to boil in this episode!!!

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The show begins with Gretchen and Slade discussing Slade's comedy career. It's obvious Gretchen is frustrated that Slade suddenly developed inspiration for a new career. I think it's similar to Gretchen suddenly starting a makeup line, isn't it? Gretchen didn't plan for that, or study for that. She had a desire, a dream to start a makeup line, and she acted on it. I applaud Slade for trying new things (although I don't agree with all of what he covered in his routine).

Next, Tamra and Heather met for lunch. Of course they spent a lot of the time bashing me. . .Boy, that's a real shocker! Tamra says she is having qualms about moving in with Eddie. She says she just can't move in with him -- well, duh!!! She's been divorced all of 12 seconds. And she has children that probably aren't ready for that yet!

When Tamra says she invited me to bunco as an act of good will towards Gretchen, I had to take that with a grain of salt the size of a basketball. Please spare me or Gretchen that lip service. I don't need an invitation of pity. Tamra and I do come from very different worlds, and the last thing I need from her world is a bunco party with phony friends; I have plenty of other places I could be with real friends.

What was I thinking when I said I was a news anchor? I completely goofed up! Yes, I do tend to speak too fast sometimes. I don't let my brain catch up with what my mouth is saying, but I don't want anyone to think that I think I am a news anchor; I know that people like Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, Walter Cronkite, and Brian Williams worked many years to get the prestigious title of news anchor, and I don't pretend to be in that league! Let me clarify that my role with Fox 5 news is: I am a Celebrity Lifestyle Correspondent, not a news anchor!

I am definitely noticing this season that I'm a little inattentive, and I know it's because my plate is a little too full for me to handle everything I'm taking on. I think now I have learned how to handle it all. However, during these earlier episodes, I am definitely struggling with being frantic, overworked, and sleep-deprived.

When I scheduled my appointment with Dr. Niccole, I did not anticipate the anxiety I would have going to the appointment. Jim asked me if I wanted him to come with me, and I said no. However, once outside the office, I become a nervous wreck. I think it's because I knew this is a surgery I needed to have, yet at the same time I really didn't want to do it. Last year when the season ended and I had time to take care of myself, I decided to figure out why I was having chronic sinus infections. I was using nose sprays like they were tissues, and I was constantly getting colds that were leading to sinusitis. Ready to put an end to all of that, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Chironis, an ENT (ear, nose, and throat specialist) in Newport Beach. He immediately sent me for a CAT scan. Once we determined I needed surgery to fix all the issues I was suffering from, I decided to visit Dr. Niccole to discuss also removing the bump on my nose during the same surgery. In doing this, I discovered Dr. Niccole is also an ENT, and could do the entire surgery himself. However, I never expected to be so nervous following through with this surgery.

I definitely needed some girl time after that doctor appointment, so I was glad Gretchen could meet me for coffee. I have to be honest though, hearing Gretchen say behind my back that my surgery is not just a medical thing upsets me. I can recollect the time last year when both of us went together to a consultation with Dr. Niccole to discuss removing the bumps on both of our noses. If I really wanted to fix only the bump, I would have booked a surgery after that consult! However, the thought of letting a knife cut my nose freaked me out TOO much! I've had that darn bump since I was six years old, so I've had plenty of time to fix it, if that alone was my concern. It wasn't until I got tired of not breathing properly that I finally decided to tackle the issue. If it weren't for the sinus issues, I wouldn't have removed the bump, and that's the truth!

Slade's comedy act was destined to throw a wrench in Gretchen and Tamra's friendship. At that point, I truly felt the only hope Gretchen had was to tell Tamra herself what had been said.

Seeing Vicki at work trying to focus, it was so obvious how upset and preoccupied she was. Briana is foremost on her mind, and with the divorce so new, Vicki definitely has an emotional roller coaster going on right now. Bri's condition is tearing her up inside, and I cannot imagine what that feels like. I struggle when my kids get the flu, and that is no comparison to what Vicki has had to endure with Briana. We continue to pray and hope that Brianna gets what she deserves -- a full, healthy, happy life!!

When Gretchen walked into Victor Paul's salon wearing a Madonna costume, I was like, "OF COURSE!" Gretchen I will be wearing the same sweats when we meet up for coffee, so that didn't surprise me. Her outfit was adorable! I love costume parties and couldn't wait to put my Madonna mole on! And of course, it's not a complete Madonna Desperately Seeking Susan outfit without the gum! Did I have to twirl it and get it stuck in my hair though?! LOL!! That was hilarious!

In the limo driving to bunco was the first time I realized how close Tamra and Gretchen had gotten so quickly. It definitely didn't feel right, and I was concerned that Gretchen was moving too quickly with that friendship. I just remembered sitting there last year having Gretchen's back as Tamra ripped her apart over and over again. So it makes me worry for Gretchen. But once we got to bunco, I quickly forgot about that and couldn't wait to play BUNCO!! I love that game! I just love any game! We have family game night at least once a week, and my kids are only four and five years old!

When Heather says I should save my faith for the important things, I have to say SORRY! I'm a woman that uses my faith all the time. . .for big, small, short, or tall things. The Lord I know wants to hear from me ALL the time. I don't just call on God when things are wrong, or I need something. He is ALWAYS with me. I talk about him for playful things too. I believe God has a sense of humor, and loves me whether I'm being silly or being serious.

Tamra accuses me of using a sex shop product from the gift bag I won on my lips, calling me an airhead. I feel our viewers are intelligent enough to see that it was lipgloss I was applying, not whatever weird sex product Tamra herself included in the gift bags. I refused to pay attention to the fact that the gift bag had something gross in it, so I focused on the positive gift that Gretchen gave out, which was Gretchen Christine lip gloss. (FYI, not sure of the exact color, but the lip gloss was a nude beige and everyone should have it!)

Plain and simple, Tamra is trying to label me as stupid. It suits her agenda and boosts her ego. She needs to stop trying so hard to inflate herself by putting down others. I'm wearing the target this season, but last season it was Gretchen, season before that it was Vicki. I guess it's my turn in the rotation! There is definitely a pattern here. For someone who claims to have so much positivity in her life, she sure spends a lot of time trying to hurt others.

Then, of course it wouldn't be a Housewife party without some sort of argument, right? Ricky calls Gretchen out about the Improv, and let me just say that things don't get much better as the night goes on! Next week is going to be a rough one, so put your seatbelts on!

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Hope you all have a wonderful week,


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