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I Don't Need Tamra and Heather's Pity

Alexis does not understand why Heather and Tamra feel sorry for her and clears up who she is.

This was a wonderful week as Saturday was my sons seventh birthday! Happy Birthday to my Jamesy, the kindest, cutest, and funniest boy I know. I thank God every day for giving me this precious little guy.

Onto the show. . .

I'm glad Lydia makes the point that she can be friends with everyone. There are no friendship bracelets required in your thirties. I'm quite perplexed by what the women mean when they say they feel sorry for me. I don't need any pity parties thrown! I am very happy with my life and wouldn't trade it for anyone else's.

During lunch with Heather and Tamra, Lydia says she was confused who I was in the limo, and although she has never brought it to my attention, I thought maybe I would clarify. To summarize: I got thrown out of a party. I'm riding home in a limo with someone telling me my feelings aren't justified and I am extremely frustrated, so I am crying. I then make the statement that I have Jesus in me, which is why I am so strong, which is the truth. I am not sure where I would be without Him. It's that simple. Someone can be strong and frustrated at the same time. Those two qualities can certainly go hand in hand. I would love for the roles to have been reversed to see how she would have handled the situation that night.

Jim always seems to be the voice of reason. He doesn't like to get caught up in all the he-said, she-said mumbo jumbo, but I do often ask his advice. Now, whether I use it or not is another topic. At this point, Lydia had just left my house and was telling me I needed to reach out to Heather (which I couldn't disagree with more). However, I was finding myself thinking too much about it. So hearing Jim tell me to stop taking their crap solidified my feelings.

As for Vicki, YES she most certainly should have a car seat! Jim's sister has car seats for my kids and if my mom lived here she would too! I was frustrated for Vicki with her conversation with Ryan. Vicki should be able to have Brooks (or whoever the heck she wants) over to her house!

When she and Brooks were at dinner I could see the love in both their eyes. However, it's apparent Brooks is tired of being last on the totem pole and he is taking a stand. I know Vicki was hurt when he said he had dated other people, but being broken up he has that right. I actually think it would be helpful if Vicki dated someone else too. That would confirm her feelings for Brooks, which would possibly help her be stronger in her actions towards bringing him around her house.

Hearing Tamra say that she is not helping at all with Wines by Wives is really hard for me to believe. Not only is Vicki a HARD worker, but she is also a control freak, so I'm sure she knows exactly what is going on with Wines by Wives.

Lydia and her mom shopping was such a cute scene! I have met Judy several times, and I love her! She is fun, easy going, hilarious, and sweet! I only have my mom here to shop with me once or twice a year, so to have that time whenever Lydia wants it is pretty incredible. It was even more incredible to hear about the rebel Lydia was growing up! Whoa watch out! I'm proud of Judy for stopping marijuana. That couldn't have been an easy decision, but kudos to her for making the right choice.

Slade has such a difficult situation right now and Gretchen is doing the right thing by putting her feelings and desires on hold for him. I'm not sure how much any human can take, but having a sick child is one thing that would max out anyone's capacity.

I was excited for Heather getting the role in Hot in Cleveland, not to mention I can’t wait to see her in action! I did watch a segment she did with Reba, which you all will see later and she was funny and great. When she  and Terry took the kids to dinner, I felt bad for them both. All couples have arguments, and it's not easy to have one in a restaurant. . .and in front of your children. . .AND WITH CAMERAS ROLLING! Ugh, not fun.

That's it for now!

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