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The 'Malibu Country' Controversy

Alexis weighs in on the Heather/Gretchen drama.

By Alexis Bellino

Happy Fourth of July to all of you! We just got back from a trip with the kids to Northern Cali at a Dude Ranch! Talk about grasping what life is all about...there was NO cell phone reception, no TVs, no radios, and no WIFI! I cannot lie, I had a little anxiety the first day. To say we simplified our lives is an understatement! This has been the best week for my children and our family. Among the uninterrupted family time, some of our adventures included horseback riding, fishing, playing  bingo and musical chairs, taking a hayride to the fireworks, eating breakfast in the forest, and seeing many animals -- including two bald eagles! I posted a few photos for you to see! This will probably go down as one of our best family trips ever.

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eagle%202013.pngSpeaking of trips, on this week’s episode you see all of us girls heading to Whistler. I couldn’t wait to take the trip to Canada! I was so excited to be traveling with all the ladies again, going to Canada and seeing their culture, meeting the people and seeing Lydia’s home country! I asked Shannon to stop by for advice on exactly how much snow gear I should pack, because I tend to over pack. However, when you are packing such bulky clothes, over packing is not a good thing! After watching the scene, I noticed Shannon always ends up diverting my packing to simply goofing off, so not sure why I always ask her...except we always giggle together which is just as important as perfect packing! LOL!

When I found out Heather was only making the trip for six hours, I was impressed! It wasn’t the easiest trip considering we had to drive to LA, fly 6 hours and go through customs, etc. When we got on the bus to ride to the hotel and I found out the reason Heather was leaving was for a role on Reba McEntire’s show, I was happy for her! I did not know anything about Gretchen getting a phone call from Reba’s agent, and I didn’t know that Gretchen and Heather were already arguing about this. Remember I couldn’t stay for Tamra’s dress shopping dinner, which is where all of this news was delivered. Although it seemed like I knew they were all having a conversation about it, I can assure you I did not hear it.

Is Gretchen Making Things Up?
So when I say that I received a call from Reba’s agent too, I was not insinuating it was for Heather’s role, I was simply relating to her. It makes me sad that we cannot have a genuine excitement for each other without jealousies being involved.  My timing may have been off, but my intentions were not malicious. The first thing I said to Heather when I heard she was leaving early because of her part on the Reba show was that it was exciting and I offered her my congratulations. I also explained that I never was OFFERED a role, Reba’s agent simply asked if I was available at that time and I was not. I was excited for her role and Jim and I watched her play her part. She did it beautifully.

Meeting Lydia’s uncle was a really special time. We all got to see a little more of who she is, and her uncle is a sweet person.

I couldn’t wait to go skiing the next day! It had been 10 years since the last time I’d been skiing. Figuring it would only take a few minutes to warm up, I was excited to get all of our ski gear, and what better way than from our Ski Concierge! We spent 4 hours skiing and it was the most fun I’d had in a long time! ...Until we got to the bottom of the hill and the big fight between Lauri and Vicki broke out. I understand why Vicki was so mad. The rumors being spread are disgusting and very detrimental, but I never expected to ski up to her addressing it there! That is the craziest location of an argument I have ever seen -- the bottom of  a mountain in 3 feet of snow with ski goggles on. The only thing we were missing was a mug of hot cocoa and fresh popcorn for our front row to craziness!
Vicki Fights Back

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I wore several items of my Alexis Couture and Alexis by Tal Sheyn lines on the trip this week. You can view these items at and
I’ve missed all of you over this past six days of being “unconnected” to society so let’s catch up on:

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