Lydia Defends Her Sense of Humor

Her comments about nerdy skiers were just jokes and she's glad the Whistler trip had its share of them.

I want to start off by addressing a few things from last week's episode. I don't take myself too seriously, which is one reason why I decided to do this show. I wanted to bring a lighter side to the drama and make people smile. Apparently, some of the viewers don't share in my same sense of humor -- particularly my "skiers are nerds" and "Americans don't know where Canada is" remarks. I was being silly. Of course I don't think all skiers are nerds and I know that most Americans do know where Canada is. This show is meant for entertainment.

As far as this week's episode goes, I don't see any reason for me to comment on all the drama. None of it had anything to do with me. We just filmed the reunion show which should air in a few weeks, and you can see where we all stand with one another.

On our Canadian adventure, I was relived when the ladies agreed to put all the drama aside and enjoy our last day of vacation. Snowmobiling was fun and a memory I will forever treasure. I loved that we could all be playful and just have a good time together.

The good times continued at dinner. I was dying laughing when Tamra got her tongue stuck on the ice wall, but once I could see that she was a bit panicked, I tried to calm her down and keep the mood light until the hot water arrived to disconnect her. Thankfully, Tamra only had to leave a little bit of her tongue in Canada and was OK! It was a classic moment and we all needed a good laugh. Tamra is a trooper and took one for the team!


I hope you all had fun seeing a bit of Canada. It was awesome to take the ladies on a trip and although we got sidetracked with the crazy, we ended up having a wonderful time.

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