On Missing Vicki

On Missing Vicki

Tamra regrets making fun of Vicki's face and explains the transition of moving in with Eddie.

Hello everyone, and I hope you enjoyed the first episode.

We moved in with Eddie and couple weeks after getting engaged. . .me, Sidney, Sophia, Spencer, Bronx (dog) and our three birds. Our plan was to live together for a year to make sure the kids got adjusted and everyone was OK with their new living situation before we got married. You can Imagine how scared I was the first three months of living together. Eddie is a VERY disciplined guy, you can tell by his amazing body at 40 and work ethic. Growing up with very little as a child he takes pride in his accomplishments and pays great attention to detail. Controlling was clearly not the word I was searching for -- maybe anal retentive?

Eddie has never had kids of his own and now there are three kids running the house with backpacks, shoes, and toys laying around the house. I would make myself crazy following the kids around making sure everything was picked up, lights were off, beds were made, the dog was fed, etc. About three months into it Eddie said to me, "Babe you need to stop! Let things happen so we as a family can fix them. Nothing will get get fixed if you keep doing it yourself." Truth was I was afraid I was going to scare Eddie off and upset the kids if Eddie had to discipline them. I was so afraid of a Simon versus Ryan repeat.

It's been over a year since we moved in together and although it took a while for everyone to adjust we are very happy and well adjusted. . .and YES Eddie lost the battle of NO shoes in the house.

Seeing Vicki for the first time was difficult. I had not talked to her since our blowout at Heather's house last year. Coming face-to-face with her at the very same place that broke up our friendship was difficult. I did not want a repeat of what happened last year and I didn't know how to approach her or if I should?

I had heard that Vicki had some work done to her face, but I had no idea she had just had it done one week prior to the party. When I first saw her I thought, "Wow what a big mistake." It did not even look like the Vicki I have known for the past six years. She was very swollen and tried to hide her face with her hair. After watching, I feel bad for making fun of her. You will find out as the season goes on I am not very good with emotions. I get sarcastic when I am hurt to help protect me from dealing with my pain. I am truly trying to work on it but after 45 years its not easy to change overnight.

Heather outdid herself again, everything was so beautiful all the way down to her dress. But why NO onion rings? Kidding Fancy Pants. You can tell Terry really tries to push her buttons. I have a similar humor to Terry, so I total get it.

The birth of baby Troy made me cry. How lucky we are that Briana shared it with the viewers? Not speaking to Vicki and missing her becoming a grandma was really hard. Hearing that she called Heather first to tell her the good news really hit me hard.

As you all know by now that Eddie is my business partner in CUT Fitness. When I first went looking for a location for my studio I was thinking a 1500 square foot building would be perfect and financially manageable. After eight months of unsuccessful looking, I came across this building that was 6,200 square feet, and I fell in love with it. I knew there was NO WAY I could afford the overhead and needed a partner. I asked Eddie and he agreed to go in with me. I joke all season about being 51 percent owner, and I am sure that will get annoying, but I wanted to make sure that this was still MY baby.

But the truth is it is OUR baby (the only baby we will have. . .if you know what I mean). I soon found out that there was NO way I could have done this without Eddie by my side. Not only has he started and managed other companies before but he has a background in fitness and fitness has been our passion for years.

Since Eddie has dealt with city permits before, and I didn't want to be rude and leave Heather's party, he agreed to speak at the city council meeting. We had applied for a conditional use permit and if it was denied we would have to look for a new building.

Thank god the city approved us and now we are one of the biggest group fitness facilities in Orange County. We opened Feburary 2 and it has been one of the busiest and most enjoyable times of our life. I can't wait to share more of CUT Fitness with you as the season goes on.

If you want to reach out to me please contact me at on my Facebook page or if your interested in coming to our studio check us out at Facebook.

Remember: Strong is the new Skinny!

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