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Tamra Speaks Out

Ep 9:'s Editor commends Tamra's emotional speech and Terry's big apology.

By Kim Moreau

Hello RHOC fans. We learned a lot this episode didn't we? We learned just how far up Gretchen certain medical things need to go. . . and more importantly we learned a lot about the reasoning behind Tamra's tude. Let's discuss this very revealing episode.

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Lids, Not the Hat Store
We start with Heather and Tamra having a little cocktail time. Heather’s impressed with the ladylike touches Tamra’s added to her cohabitation casa with Eddie. Here’s what did not impress Heather -- Gretchen and Slade continual in and out during the taping. She’s also less than impressed with Terry. They haven’t really had a chance to talk since their big fight, but hopefully that can all be resolved soon. If not Heather will just eat chocolate in the pantry forever (at least I think that was her other option). 

Speaking of resolving, Lydia and Alexis meet over coffee to discuss all the drama. Before that, Lydia makes the most adorable Lydia-style joke ever -- a lid for Lyd. Har har har. Oh Lydia, that kind of gentle humor and goofy demeanor is exactly why we love you -- and exactly why you don’t need any more caffeine. Lydia is still hoping that Alexis can mend fences with everyone. She wants her to be a part of all the joyous things that are going on in the ladies’ lives. She wants Alexis to make a big, bold move! Reach out! How about one more shot. Doesn’t Lyd deserve it for the lid joke she made? Reward a sister's comedic timing.

Perhaps she learned that sense of humor from her mother. While, Judy didn’t impart her with the skills of soup-making or laundering, she did make her daughter pretty fun. But Lydia is still feeling upset about her mom’s pot smoking. Eventually she decides that it's more important for her mother to know how much she loves her -- even if she doesn't boil noodles and even if she does smoke pot. Flower petal throwing for all!

Speaking of reaching out, Vicki and Brooks are still making it work. Just because she can’t see Brooks at her house doesn’t mean she can’t see Brooks (true). So they’ve gone to a second location for lunch. And Brooks wants to whisk her away for the weekend -- but Vicki’s got babysitting duty (seriously this is getting, very very young). So she chooses Troy over Brooks, which hopefully her feller can understand. Briana and Ryan need their "whooping it up" time before Ryan is deployed again. It's tough that he's heading back out again

Speak Now
OK, was anyone else surprised that Tamra’s not a fan of public speaking? I suppose it makes sense, but she usually is not one to hold back in the commentary department. However, speaking in front of a thousand people is a very different story. So she meets with a coach to discuss the best plan for her speech at the Women’s Expo. She wants to empower women who are going through divorces and rebuilding their lives, so she’s going to do her best to share her story without weeping.

While Tamra preps on birthing her truth, Gretchen is working on birthing a baby. She and Slade head to the doctor to see what their options are. Was there anything cuter than Gretchen being very concerned about the tools around? That is one of the most troubling parts about the gyno, looking around and wondering what exactly is used where. Gretchen is nervous, but thankfully she's got a very healthy and lush Fort Knox and plump ovary follicles (medical terms are weird right?). Despite her healthy gold storage, the best plan with Slade's past vasectomy is to go straight ahead to invitro fertilization. It's a trickier road than they've planned, but it's still a road. 

Meanwhile, Heather and Terry are trying to sort out their road as well. Terry's trying to do some very nice things to heal things with his lady. He wrote her a special card and wants her to know that he'd rather die that have something happen to their relationship. I feel the same way. Stay together. I could barely take it when Terry was crying. God bless that sweet goofy man. He can't help his occassionally ill-timed sense of humor.

And while we're on the subject of tears, let's dive into Tamra's speech (and its aftermath). Tamra is very nervous -- even if her mom thinks she's never been afraid of anything. And her speech was a doozie. . .

We learned that our little spitfire uses her humor as a defense (as most humorists do) and that she's gone through some rough patches, including a shocking attempt at suicide. But thankfully, Tamra's gotten stronger and stronger, and is empowered to go after her dreams -- without anyone taking care of her along the way. And doing things like giving this speech has empowered her to understand the motives behind her actions, and most of all, to connect with her mother. So kudos to you Tams. I love you and I'm not afraid to say it.

Next week -- the ladies are going to Mexico! Can Tamra drink out of more than one penis cup? We'll have to wait until next week to see.

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