Praying for Ryan

Praying for Ryan

Vicki shares how Briana is doing with Ryan away and how she felt about Slade's comments to Lydia.

Happy Belated Father's Day to all those fathers reading my blog, to all the sons and daughters who are blessed to have a relationship with their fathers who are alive, and to all the fathers that are passed on who are missed during this special day. My father passed away from Alzheimer's disease when he was 67. He was diagnosed at 59, shortly after I moved to California, and I miss him daily. It was very sad for my family to lose such a physically strong man to such a deteriorating non curable disease.

My father was an amazing man who taught me everything I know about owning a business, patience, compassion, love and he taught us to stand up for ourselves when we needed to. He owned a large construction company in the suburbs of Chicago and showed me the pros and cons of being an "employer" and an "employee." Ironically, out of his five children, four of us own our own business -- so it proves to us the powerful influence he had with all of us. I miss my father's hugs, his wisdom and his strength. NO doubt it's been a rough few years for me, but as seasons change, so does ones problems. I know I'm in just a "season" right now, and I look forward to when that new season will come.

Now onto some happy things. I think most of you know that Tamra and Eddie got married this past weekend. She made a beautiful bride and the wedding was nothing short of spectacular. I don't think there was a dry eye during the ceremony, as it truly was an emotional day for everyone to be involved and be able to witness their love for on another. I'm so happy for then and I pray that they live a life full of happiness, commitment, and love.

Now, onto this weeks' episode. Briana and Ryan had their last night together at home before he left for pre-deployment training. It was so emotional for Briana. Seeing Troy back when he was only three months old was fun for us as he has changed so much now. He's a beautiful healthy nine-month old that is just an amazing, HAPPY baby. Briana is an exceptional mother and I am so proud of her. Ryan actually left for Afghanistan mid-March, and it's been so nice that they have been able to communicate a few times a week while he has been gone. It's quite amazing to see her Skype with him as she can physically see him, instead of only hearing his voice. He can also see Troy crawl and can even read him a book from so far away. Ryan said it's very hot there, over 100 degrees with no relief at nighttime. It brings tears to my eyes knowing the sacrifice he is making for our freedom, as well as all the others who are doing the same around this world. I pray for his safety daily and if you could also pray for Ryan it would be greatly appreciated. Having him be in such a dangerous country is more emotional than I can even express to you in words. I am proud of Briana, because basically she has been a single parent with Troy and has done such an amazing job. It's extra special for me that during this time Ryan is away that I can be there for her and Troy and I love every minute of it. I find myself going in his bedroom while he is sleeping in the middle of night just to hear him breath and to pray over him. I love him so much.

I know my time is limited being able to have this time with Briana and Troy at my house, so I'm not taking one moment for granted. Briana is moving out next month and getting her own place for her and Ryan. She wants it all set up so when Ryan returns in the fall, she has all of their things unpacked, their furniture set up and all moved from storage. She's such a chip off the ol' block. "Get 'er done" is her middle name.

The salsa party was a lot of fun. I'm also not a very good dancer so it was fun learning how to do that style of dancing. It even inspired me to take some dance lessons. . .it's at least on my bucket list.

I was so proud that Lydia stood up for herself when Slade made that rude comment about her needing to eat a cheeseburger. Where does he get off speaking to women the way he does? Is he SO perfect? Ugh. . .I can't stand it.

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I wanted to let you know that someone started up a FAKE Twitter account. If you do want to add me to your twitter, the correct one is @vgunvalson and I'm wearing a white dress. The other one is not the correct one. I don't have a lot of time to get on there, but I try to when I have a free moment so be patient with me to answer your tweets.

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I hope you all have an amazing week. Hug someone, love someone, and inspire someone to be the best that they can be.

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