GIF Recap: A Tale of Two Parties

GIF Recap: A Tale of Two Parties

Tamra throws a spooky party and Shannon has everyone over for dinner. One of them was much more awkward than the other.

This episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County picks up on the tail end of the ladies' epic Hawaii trip, where Tamra and Vicki are giving Heather a hard time because she doesn't take her tequila shot. Hey ladies, that's just more for you. Duh!


Later, while getting ready for Tamra's spooky party, Tamra tells Vicki that Heather's inviting a new woman, Shannon. Vicki prepares her friendly introduction: 


Vicki's shocked at Tamra's narcissim as she watches her primp much longer than her. Holy balls, indeed.


Finally, it's time for the spooky party! Tamra's friend takes it really seriously, though we're still not quite sure what the difference between a spooky party and a Halloween party is...


Because everyone loves a dry ice trick, Tamra puts some in her mouth and does her best Rihanna impression. 


Later, Tamra tells the party planners to scare the ladies. Though Heather is seriously freaked out, Vicki looks like she's just dealing with another hater. Ain't nobody have time for this.


At dinner with Tamra, Shannon and Heather, Shannon tells the girls that she has gemstones in her teeth to help her with, like, holistic stuff or something? Tamra's seen that before -- mostly in rap videos.


Wait, now it's serious time. Tamra breaks down in front of Shannon and Heather about how she might want another baby with Eddie. Crying by candlelight is on every Housewife bucket list.


At Shannon's dinner party, she makes her guests come through the elegant front entrance. Probably in an effort to both welcome them properly and remind them of just how rich she is. Two birds!


Things go a little awry during the Beador dinner prep. There's a creme brulee torch melee (NOOOOOO!) and Shannon ends up having to put her potatoes in the microwave. Not the microwave! Anything but the microwave!


When the name "Lauri" name comes up when Shannon's husband mentions his sister, Vicki reminds us all why she'll never have a dog, child or friend with that name:


At the end of the episode, things get really tense between Shannon and David and they start to bicker in front of their guests. (Hey, having a dinner party is a lot of stress!) Both Vicki and Tamra think they see some similarities between the Beadors and both of their old relationships. In a word, it was:


Check back next week for more amazing #RHOC GIFs, and may you never be without your creme brulee torch.

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